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My grandfather, Bakshish Singh, has recently turned 73 years old, and despite his medical conditions he tries his best to maintain a healthy life style. My grandfather was an active police officer back in Rajasthan, India, but about ten years ago he experienced his very first heart attack, which led him to retire from his job.

He has since then tried to keep healthy as possible. However, three years ago he thought he was experiencing another heart attack, and when we brought him into the hospital, the doctor told us we were on time, and that this time they would be placing a defibrillator, because he had arrhythmia (irregular heartbeats). Doctors said that he could not do anything that involved heavy lifting or stress.

My grandfather has not let that stop him, he wakes up early every morning for his regular walks to the park, and in the winter when he knows he cannot go outside he make sure to use the treadmill. Instead of sitting at home, he makes a point to get out of the house and do something like in the summer planting a garden is usually his main objective. He does not allow his medical condition to stop him from doing what he enjoys.

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