Aurora Sanchez




I am nominating my great aunt, Aurora Sanchez for several reasons. She has always stayed active ever since I can remember. She worked for all her life until recently she retired in 2011. Even though she doesn't work anymore she's still active around her house and often visits my house. She likes to cook, clean, babysit her great niece who is 7 years old and that can be a handful sometimes.

At the age of 74 I think she is an active member in society. When she needs something for herself whether it be groceries or buy a new dress at the mall she can do it herself doesn't ask for help really unless it's a difficult task. She is always loved by the entire family because all her life she has given love to every family member. Her physical health is overall pretty good she has diabetes but it wasn't due to a bad diet it ran in her family is something to factor in too. She doesn't like her mental abilities have decreased she never forgets birthdays or major tasks. She has a vibrant social life for her age likes to hang out with her older friends and likes to visit the family when she can.

I think if my great aunt keeps living the life she is, she'll be with me for a while!

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