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At age 76 my grandpa is in good shape, I only say that because I believe with every there is always room for improvement. He takes his daily walks at 7 am in the morning in his Nike jumpsuit every morning of the 7 day week. He eats healthy and takes additional multi vitamins to enhance his health. Whenever we go out to eat he gets everything grilled or steamed and most of the time drinks wine. When it is nice out he soaks in the sun on hot days which can be a good source of vitamin D because he does it so often. Although we live in New York where there is really little sunshine compared to Florida he still gets it through his diet as well.

I like to tell him what I know about nutrition and exercise to makes his life better. Health education is a big part of that. Besides being physically in shape, he is also mentally healthy which is important at his age. He plays board games and reads newspapers to keep up with current events. We often share opinions on today’s health care system as well.

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