Agnes Rock




I would like to nominate my grandmother in the Vitality for Aging contest. Agnes Rock is living proof that you can be young at 86. Whether it is cooking in her kitchen, cleaning her house, maintaining her garden, or swimming in her pool daily, she is always active. She has shown me what it is to be an independent woman. When she was diagnosed with glaucoma, she overcame it with dignity, and learned to drive again. She has always believed that you don’t need someone to do something for you if you can do it yourself.

After losing her parents at a young age, she worked to support herself. She then met her husband (Karling) and was a devoted wife for 65 years until his death in 2010.  They had five boys together (all baby boomers), who they brought to the United States from Trinidad for a better life. She continues to travel today, visiting countries such as Trinidad, Barbados, Canada, and St Vincent’s Island. She is always eager for time with her grandchildren and great grandchildren. Whenever I see her she always teaches me something new, like how to sew or cook healthy food deliciously.

Agnes is a very friendly talkative woman who has picked up the nickname “mom” from everyone she meets. She is extremely warm to be around. If you meet her, you would see that she is an inspiration to the young and elderly. I am proud to say that she is my grandmother!

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