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Jan 20 2015

NYIT Selected to Participate in Epicenter’s Pathways to Innovation Program

Jan 13 2015

NYIT Ranks Among 2015 U.S. News Best Online Programs

Dec 23 2014

Architecture and Medical Students Launch Global Competition for Healthy Designs

Dec 18 2014

BBC to Feature Home2(O) Project in News Segment

Dec 12 2014

NYIT Wins Grant to Develop STEM Programs

Feb 10 2016

Manhattan Study Abroad Fair

Feb 10 2016

Internship Certificate Program - Orientation I

Feb 10 2016

Using the Avery Index to Architecture Periodicals

Feb 10 2016

Free Webinar: Rise - 3 Practical Steps for Advancing Your Career

Feb 11 2016

Evidence Based Medicine & PubMed

Gallery 61 Announcements
Jan 26 2016

Simulating Paradoxes

Professors Mathew Ford and Jason Van Nest will present their paper "Simulating Paradoxes" that was first presented at the 2015 ACSA Fall Conference.

Nov 20 2015

Surface Tension

NYIT Gallery 61 is pleased to present “Surface Tension,” an exhibition showcasing the work of architects who create outside of their practice and artists who describe space. When you hold your hand close to the surface of a pond or a body of water, you can feel a magnetic pull. The same is true looking at a work of art.

Sep 17 2015

Assuming Identity

NYIT Gallery 61 is pleased to present Assuming Identity, an exhibition on view from September 17th through November 11th at 16 West 61st Street, 11th floor. The gallery hours are Monday through Saturday.

May 19 2015

Esteban Beita, Ph.D. Together in Harmony: Images of Japanese Architecture

NYIT GALLERY 61 is pleased to announce an exhibition of photographs by Esteban Beita, PhD. At 16 West 61st Street, 11th floor, Gallery hours are Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. TOGETHER IN HARMONY; Images of Japanese Architecture will be on view from May 20-September 10, 2015, with a closing reception on September 10, from 5 – 7 p.m.

Feb 23 2015

In Perfect Alignment: Ancient Places, Contemporary Perspectives

NYIT Gallery 61 is pleased to present In Perfect Alignment: Ancient Places, Contemporary Perspectives, a solo exhibition of drawings by Ahmet Gülgönen. The exhibition, on view, March 5 – April 22, 2015 is accompanied by an illustrated catalogue, including an essay by NYIT Professor Brian Brace Taylor, Phd, and an introduction by Judith DiMaio, Dean of the NYIT School of Architecture and Design. The catalogue is available by contacting the gallery at (212) 261-1562 or by email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Jan 21 2015

Material Attraction Exhibition

NYIT Gallery 61 will present the exhibition, “Material Attraction,” with works by Kia Pedersen, Nancy Koenigsberg, Debra Ramsay, and Jonathan Cowan from, January 22 to February 25, 2015. Using nature as the initial concept for their works, the artist’s works include dramatic impressions of clouds, tornadoes, water, mist and sky serving as their muse.

Nov 19 2014

TRACES Exhibit

In its TRACES exhibition opening on Nov. 20, NYIT Gallery 61 will include the artwork of NYIT Professor Charles Matz , designer, watercolorist, and photographer, and Edward Belbruno, longtime painter and math consultant to NASA

Sep 08 2014

Professor Patty Wongpakdee Book Launch and Exhibition

Art without Waste is a collection of works from International cutting-edge designers, illustrators and artists, whose approach incorporates up-cycling and sustainability as a central goal of their work.

Jun 05 2014

Summer in the City, An Exhibition of Work by Students and Staff

NYIT students and staff were given a unique opportunity to display their talent in this year’s “Summer in the City” exhibition at the university’s NYIT Gallery 61 in Manhattan. Drawing from personal and historical inspirations, the exhibit includes everything from concept drawings to designer ad campaigns, and pop-up books to pinhole photographs.

Apr 29 2014

Walkthrough with artists Arezoo Moseni and Stephen Cox

Arezoo Moseni and Stephen Cox discussed their work with students at NYIT on April 11, 2014. Their work is currently on display at Gallery 61 in an exhibit titled Luminescent Progressions. The exhibit will run through May 7, 2014. Arezoo originally received much attention through her handmade photographs using 19th Century photography processes such as Kallitype and Vandyke. Stephen Cox a graduate of the Columbus College of Art and Design says his work was influenced by painters like Mark Tobey and Keith Haring.

Apr 01 2014

Stephen Cox and Arezoo Moseni: Luminescent Progressions

This exhibition marks the first duel solo show of the two artists. The work exemplifies the artists’ continued fascination with light, color, form and motion. The couple lives and creates in upper Manhattan where their urban environment has a profound influence on the work they make. The level of their productivity is impressive considering their full-time jobs, daily commutes and other life demands. It is exhilarating to see their abundant energy as they produce fresh and engaging work despite the setbacks.

Feb 19 2014

Cora Jane Glasser and Greg Lamarche Trajectories

Trajectories, an exhibition of work of artists, Cora Jane Glasser and Greg Lamarche. Native New Yorkers, both artists use the urban environment as their muse, giving rise to subtle visual similarities to be found in structure and color- yet both have taken their own unique paths- “trajectories”, if you will- to arrive at very different modes of expression.

Jan 28 2014

The NYIT Student, Staff and Faculty Exhibition “The Commute”

Exhibition dates are January 20 – February 13, 2014

Nov 07 2013

Call for Entries: The Commute or On Commuting

Call for entries for an exhibition of work by NYIT staff, students, and faculty. The Commute or On Commuting will exhibit from Jan. 30 to Feb. 27, 2014 at NYIT Gallery 61, 16 W. 61st St., 11th floor, Manhattan campus. Everyone is encouraged to participate.

Nov 04 2013

Cross Pollination, Larry Schulte and Patricia Malarcher

NYIT Gallery 61, 16 West 61st Street, 11th floor, November 18 – January 15, 2014. Viewing hours: Monday – Saturday, 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM

Oct 24 2013

Seminar: Digital Art - The Next Big Thing

The Lumen Prize Digital Art Panel @ NYIT will be held on Thursday, Nov. 7th during free hour (12:30 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.) at 16 W. 61st St., Room 624 … read more

Oct 24 2013

Seminar: Technology, the Creative Process, and How to Value Digital Art

The Lumen Prize Digital Art Panel @ NYIT will be held on Tuesday, Nov. 5th during free hour (12:30 p.m. - 2:00 p.m.) at 16 W. 61st St., Room 624 … read more

Jun 26 2013

The Lumen Prize Exhibition:  Call for Entries

Who? The Lumen Prize Exhibition is an annual award for digitally created fine art. In it’s first year the four selected winners shared US$5000 of prizes and the jury-selected final 50 went on a global tour that visited galleries and arts venues in Cardiff, London, Riga, Shanghai, and Hong Kong.

When? Call for entries is now open and closes July 31.

May 29 2013

THOUGHT PROCESS:A Collection of material from the NYIT Students of Architecture, Design and Fine Art

The NYIT students of Architecture, Design and Fine Art began their projects with drawings about their ideas; be it the water flow systems in Red Hook, observing the devastation in Sandy’s wake, designing modular furniture for a “green zone”, or inventing cubist-style forms that morph into everyday objects depicted in the murals. The architecture and design drawings are made with graphite, markers, ink, auto cad and photo shop mostly done on vellum. Complementing the drawings are conceptual and finished models, made with Lucite, illustration board and wood. What is interesting to see are the pieces of laser cut images discarded by the students which have now been salvaged and installed in the exhibition. The Fine Arts students began their process by drawing an object of their choice to show their ability to depict observed reality. The instructor enlarged those drawings and collaged parts of them together to create one composite image. A grid was imposed on it to form rectangular segments. The students collaborated by enlarging each grid into panels which were pieced together to complete the three murals.

Apr 26 2013

M.F.A. Thesis Exhibition

MFA Thesis Exhibition

NYIT Gallery 61 presents the annual M.F.A. Thesis Exhibition featuring projects by 16 student artists from the Department of Fine Arts, Thursday, May 9 to Monday, May 20 at 16 W. 61st St., 11th floor. The students will graduate in May 2013 and go to work in the fields of art and technology, graphic design, and computer animation. The exhibition is free and open to the public.

Viewing Hours: Monday to Friday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Opening Reception: Thursday, May 9, 6-9 p.m.

R.S.V.P. on Facebook.

Student Artists

  • Nicole Ackerman
  • Donna L. Betancourt
  • Jessica R. Doughty
  • Maria Fazio
  • Meng Guo
  • Narin B. Gulec
  • Earl Holder
  • Theerawat Khajornkhanphet
  • James Lavary
  • Stefano Lentini
  • Nina Mirhabibi
  • Daniel Nelson
  • Dan Shi
  • Ariadni Vezyroglou
  • Chenique Ward
  • Kypros J. Zandis

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