M.F.A. Supplementary Application

Welcome to the Fine Arts Department's graduate portfolio submission page. Please refer to the application and portfolio requirements for more details on how to apply to our program as well as application deadlines. To upload your documents, you must obtain an NYIT ID Number from the Office of Graduate Admissions at nyitgrad@nyit.edu or 800.345.NYIT (6948).

* First Name:
* Last Name:
* NYIT ID Number (provided by NYIT Admissions):
* Email:
The portfolio should contain 15-20 high-quality digital images (PDF only / max 250MB total) and/or a sample reel of animation/video (max. 3 minutes posted to a URL). For the images, you may submit either one PDF that includes all images (preferred) or a separate PDF for each one. Upload the images here. (See below to submit the animation.)

Animation/Video: Provide URL for your animation/video on YouTube, Vimeo, or a personal website (max. 3 minutes):
* Upload Description Sheet (PDF only):
* Upload Resume/CV (PDF only):
Upload Statement of Purpose (PDF only):
* Upload 3 Letters of Recommendation (PDF only):

* Intended Major:
Computer Animation
Graphic Design
Art and Technology
* Semester Start:
Spring 2015
Fall 2015
Spring 2016
Fall 2016
* Location:
Manhattan (New York City)
Beijing, China