Graphic Design, B.F.A.

Graphic design as an industry has become a significant growth area worldwide. With the rapid changes taking hold in the way business and advertising is being conducted today, it is no wonder that experts have targeted graphic design as the profession to manage and deliver the volume of information which is exponentially produced and consumed.

The new graphic designers must be able to design and direct a multitude of media without being lost in the avalanche. The graphic design sequence of courses prepares our students to accept the challenge by integrating and interpreting the language and syntax of visualization within emerging technology. This knowledge and skill has become the current entry level requirement of the industry. NYIT students will be well prepared at their first employment interview with professionally prepared portfolios, both physical and digital.

The graphic design major will take courses in areas including advertising, currency, editorial, information graphics, logo/branding, layout, motion graphics, packaging, typography, and web/interactive design.

Curriculum requirements for the BFA in Graphic Design (NYIT Catalog)