Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to have a portfolio to be admitted to NYIT Fine Arts?

Yes, a portfolio is required for your application to the NYIT Fine Arts department.  Please consult the BFA portfolio requirement or the MFA portfolio requirement pages on this site.

What should my portfolio look like?

You should make it as neat and professional as you can, including mounting all of the works and placing them in a bound book. Different grades and qualities of portfolios are available at most art supply stores. Make it the best you can possibly accomplish.

If my drawing skills are marginal, what should be in my portfolio?

Anyone who seeks a career in computer graphics or graphic design is well served by a strong background in drawing. If you don't feel confident with your drawings, take a summer course between high school and your freshman year at NYIT to improve your skills and include these in your portfolio. You may also include other kinds of art work as detailed above.

Should I practice drawing or take drawing classes before entering as a freshman?

The more you draw the more competent you will become as an arts professional. Drawing is to the arts as written communications are to business; quite essential. Set up a routine where you carry your sketch book with you constantly and work in it daily, for at least an hour. Stretch your abilities by drawing things with which you're not completely comfortable. If you are into anime comic book or graphic novel styles, try drawing still lifes and portraits of your friends to supplement your abilities. Pick up some good books about drawing and try the exercises in them. It is helpful to take drawing courses at an art center, high school or even a college in your neighborhood in the summertime before entry into the NYIT program.

Some good books for drawing fundamentals are:

  • Betty Edwards, The New Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, (NewYork, Putnam: 1999).
  • Bert Dodson, Keys to Drawing, (Cincinnati, North Light Books, 1985).

Should I buy a computer?

You are required as a student at NYIT to have access to a computer. Anyone considering a career in computer graphics or graphic design should buy a computer. Always buy the best computer you can afford. Load it up with as much RAM as you can afford. Create a backup strategy for your data preferably with a firewire drive that is larger than your hard drive. Wait as long as you can before buying your computer so that you get the most contemporary computer. Consider upgrading your computer every 3 years.

  • Laptop vs Desktop

    This is a workflow issue. Do you plan to commute to school and work on the bus? Maybe a laptop is for you. If you understand how to transfer data back and forth and you prefer a high-power machine, then perhaps a high-end desktop is in order.
  • Mac vs. PC

    We have both types of computers at NYIT so you can't go wrong if you choose Macs or PCs. If you are planning to do 3D graphics you'll have fewer choices of software available for individuals on either computer format. If you plan to do graphic design, many firms and printers are Mac based. After that, all the programs work the same on all the computers. All of our faculty use both platforms; some prefer the Mac and others the PC.
  • Building one's own computers, monitors and other dilemmas

    Some people are handy when it comes to building their own computers. We do not recommend it unless you are an expert. It is helpful to get the largest viewing area you can afford. You don't have to upgrade monitors every time you upgrade a computer. They can last many years. You should consider the video card in your computer; It should have the most video ram available.

Should I have graphics programs?

You are not required to have the graphics programs loaded on your computer. BUT, students who do perform better and usually get higher grades than students who don't. You can purchase educational versions of all of the software that we use at substantial discounts through educational software providers such as

What should I do to get ready to come to NYIT as a Freshman?

Spend the summer drawing. Read and look at the suggested study area of the web site. Start collecting books, magazines, pictures, movies, photographs (your own and others), and any other kind of visual information that inspires you! Create a small reference library of technical books and magazines as well as the work of great artists, animators, graphic designers, etc.

Are there any books I should read, magazines I should subscribe to, movies I should see, web sites I should know about?

Please visit the suggested study web page.

Is the program the same at all NYIT campuses?

We offer the same curriculum at the Manhattan, Old Westbury and international campuses. The Manhattan campus takes advantage of New York City and its museums, art galleries, and professional organizations. The Old Westbury Campus, set on a large estate, offers comprehensive sculpture facilities, a black-and-white photography laboratory, large exhibition spaces and other complementary, though space-intensive facilities. The Amman campus offers the amenities of this Middle East capital including ancient archaeological and historic sites. The Bahrain and and Abu Dhabi campuses put students in quickly-growing international centers of commerce. All Middle-East campuses offer a chance to travel, to live and work in an international setting, and to gain a global perspective. NYIT students may take classes at all campuses.

How many students are in a typical class at NYIT Fine Arts?

From 12-20; the average class size is approximately 15 students.

What hardware do you use in your facilities and computer labs?

Please visit our facilities page.

What Software do you have?

Please visit our facilities page.

Do you have any special equipment?

We have a 3d printer from Dimension, which makes 3d sculptures from virtual modeling software. We have a large format printer and a stop-motion animation lab. Please visit our facilities page to learn about other specialized equipment.

Will I have to work hard at NYIT?

NYIT Fine Arts is a growing, dynamic department. Each year our entering students are getting better as they hear about the quality of our program and the excellence of our faculty. At the same time, the visual arts professions are becoming ever more competitive. We foster a creative, competitive environment that encourages students to excel at what they do. Our goal is to make you as good as you can be, and then some. You will work hard here! It will be rewarding!

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