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In a program renowned for professionalism, digital innovation, and serious fun, you’ll prepare for a career as a designer or digital artist. Here, you’ll refine your creative talents while learning industry-relevant production methods in the fields of animation, computer graphics, graphic design, and art and technology. A faculty of world-class artists, innovators, and design experts will guide you, and you’ll emerge with a professional portfolio that showcases your talents.


When you join the fine arts program, you become part of digital art history. NYIT is the home of the original patent for morphing and algorithms for light modeling. The pioneering Computer Graphics Lab launched the careers of Pixar and Disney President Ed Catmull, Pixar co-founder Alvy Ray Smith, Walt Disney Feature Animation Chief Scientist Lance Williams, and Dreamworks Animator Hank Grebe.


The Fine Arts Department at the New York Institute of Technology is committed to providing students with a meaningful and rigorous academic experience that fosters creative exploration, critical thinking, refined craftsmanship, and professional development as they prepare for their art and design careers. 

 This mission is supported by the following activities:

  • Developing our students’ skills in fundamental art and design principles including color, design, drawing, motion, time, and visual presentation; an art historical context that includes history, theory, and research; and a focused course of study that allows them to refine their craft in areas of computer graphics/animation; graphic design; and art & technology.
  • Creating industry-driven content into the student’s academic experience through real-world projects, internships, site visits, and industry presentations.
  • Enhancing their academic research with multi-disciplinary, practical, and global experiences in the context of NYIT’s diverse regional and international communities.
  • Emphasizing the synthesis of technological tools and artistic expression. This involves establishing solid foundations in artistic practices utilizing both traditional media and emerging technologies while refining their use of those tools as they develop their own individualized aesthetic processes. In the classroom and our art media labs, students will use of state-of-the-art hardware, as well as a wide variety of two-dimensional, three-dimensional and graphics software applications. 
  • Nurturing the true technological artist, equipped with the skills to develop the artistic idea, foster it with technology and collaborative resources, and have unique professional portfolios ready for a wide variety of careers.

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The Fine Arts Department is located in the Midge Karr Fine Arts and Design Center located in the southwest section of the campus.

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The Fine Arts Department is located on the 9th floor of 16 West 61st Street.

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