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The history of our school and our department is rich. Founding technologies include the original patent for morphing and algorithms for light modeling. The pioneering NYIT Computer Graphics Lab included Pixar President Ed Catmull, Pixar co-founder Alvy Ray Smith, Walt Disney Feature Animation Chief Scientist Lance Joseph Williams, Dreamworks Animator Hank Grebe and Netscape and Silicon Graphics founder Jim Clark.

NYIT has had a rich history of activity in computer graphics; with all of its digital processes and designs for new media, graphic design is intricately linked with computer graphics. We continue this tradition with a distinguished group of faculty working in the professional community. Professor Lynn Pocock, for instance, was Chairperson of a recent national Siggraph conference, and Associate Professor Robert Michael Smith serves on the boards of the Sculptors Guild and the International Sculpture Center and is a founding member of the Digital Stone Project.

Working with new rapid prototyping (RP) and computer-numeric-controlled (CNC) milling technologies, Professor Peter Voci and Associate Professor Smith are also pioneers in digital sculpture mediums. The present Fine Arts faculty are members of Siggraph, The American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA), The International Sculpture Center (ISC), The College Art Association (CAA) and other professional organizations. These individuals have pioneered new technologies and techniques and have notable records of exhibitions, publications and service to their professions and the NYIT community.

The department's newest endeavor includes the opening of a new fine arts facility and programs on NYIT's campus in the United Arab Emirates. The Fine Arts department's International Exchange Program is the first to bring computer graphics and graphic design programs to the rapidly-growing population center and economic hub of the Middle East - Abu Dhabi.

Though professionalism is fostered in our coursework, we acknowledge that relationships are the core of every business, so serious fun is built into the program as well. In addition to student exhibitions, critiques, portfolio reviews, and other events, every year we hold a BBQ picnic and host a congenial but competitive softball game in which students AND faculty participate.