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Feb 16 2016

Internship Certificate Program - Orientation I

Feb 17 2016

Internship Certificate Program - Orientation I

Feb 17 2016

Free Webinar: Anticipate: The Art of Leading by Looking Ahead

Feb 18 2016

Job Fair Boot Camp: Session #1 - How to Work a Job Fair

Feb 19 2016

Breakfast of Champions: Savvy Shopping: Live Well, Spend Less

Faculty and Service Learning

Service-learning engages students by helping them make critical connections between classroom lessons and real-world applications. It assists faculty in ensuring student learning outcomes as outlined in NYIT's core competencies. It also brings NYIT students into the community and the community into NYIT, so our students develop a sense of belonging and responsibility, and our communities view NYIT as a valuable asset and a viable community partner.

For program assistance on the New York City campus, contact Amy Bravo at and on the Old Westbury campus, contact Adrienne McNally at

Service-learning faculty members will:

  • Meet with Career Services to discuss offering service-learning
  • Choose how to integrate the service component into their courses
  • Include service-learning in the course syllabus
  • Select the academic exchange (e.g., in lieu of a research paper, students perform X hours of service-learning and complete a related academic assignment such as a reflective journal and/or a class presentation) for courses offering the service-learning option
  • Permit Career Services staff to deliver brief in-class presentations
  • Authorize or reject the appropriateness, for learning purposes, of selected placements
  • Choose, in consultation with Career Services, appropriate number of service hours to be performed by students in service-learning courses
  • Establish with students sound learning objectives to be met during placement
  • Complete Learning Agreement with student
  • Monitor students' progress during placement
  • Notify Career Services of any problems or concerns, any noteworthy satisfactions or successes,  with students or placements
  • Visit community partner organizations or agencies when possible
  • Help facilitate reflection sessions when possible
  • Recommend potential community partner organizations or agencies to Career Services