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Feb 16 2016

Internship Certificate Program - Orientation I

Feb 17 2016

Internship Certificate Program - Orientation I

Feb 17 2016

Free Webinar: Anticipate: The Art of Leading by Looking Ahead

Feb 18 2016

Job Fair Boot Camp: Session #1 - How to Work a Job Fair

Feb 19 2016

Breakfast of Champions: Savvy Shopping: Live Well, Spend Less


Service-learning is a teaching and learning approach that integrates community service with academic study to enrich learning, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities. Service-learning strengthens both education and local communities by:

  • Building effective collaborative partnerships between schools or colleges and other institutions and organizations
  • Engaging parents and other adults in supporting student learning
  • Meeting community needs through the service projects conducted
  • Providing engaging and productive opportunities for young people to work with others in their community

Why service-learning is important?
A national study of Learn and Serve America programs suggests that effective service-learning programs improve grades, increase attendance in school, and develop students' personal and social responsibility. A growing body of research recognizes service-learning as an effective strategy to help students by:

  • Promoting learning through active participation in service experiences
  • Providing structured time for students to reflect by thinking, discussing, and writing about their service experience
  • Providing an opportunity for students to use skills and knowledge in real-life situations
  • Extending learning beyond the classroom and into the community
  • Fostering a sense of caring for others

Why is service-learning important to NYIT? 
NYIT is committed to not only preparing career oriented professionals but to also developing global citizens who support applications-oriented research that benefits the larger world. Service-learning is a transformative experiential education program that helps NYIT accomplish these goals. 

A growing body of research recognizes the benefits of service-learning as an effective strategy to: improve academic achievement, increase student engagement, improve social behavior, build civic skills, and strengthen community partners.

How is service-learning offered at NYIT? 
Service-learning is offered primarily through existing courses and is a partnership among service-learning staff, faculty, students, and community partners. Each member has specific responsibilities to ensure that service-learning goals are met. Read about a successful program which paired NYIT students from the School of Engineering and Computing Sciences with the children of PS241 in Harlem. 

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