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Internship Certificate Program - Orientation I

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Mar 10 2012

Volunteer Opportunity for YOUR Major: Lutheran Social Services of New York

By Marty Magaan

Looking for volunteer opportunities pertaining to your major?  Lutheran Social Services of New York is offering volunteer positions for all types of skill sets.  Whatever it is that you are passionate about doing, your unique experience can be put to good use for an organization that has been helping families in our community for well over a century.

Lutheran Social Services is dedicated to strengthening lives, families, and communities.  Their services include caring for children, helping seniors live independently, providing families for children, providing safe and affordable housing, maintaining hunger prevention centers, and providing services for immigrants and refugees.  They also run The New Life School for students with disabilities and specialized needs from grades 3 through 12.  The organization is currently looking for volunteers with skills in areas like marketing, film, web programming, graphic design, and information technology to help advance their agency.  If you are knowledgable in any of these areas, or if you possess any other skills that you feel can be useful, Lutheran Social Services of New York will warmly welcome your help.

For more information on Luthern Social Services visit their website at
or apply today through Career Net! (