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Internship Certificate Program - Orientation I

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Aug 06 2012

The Value of Volunteering

Do you know who the current Speaker of the House of Representatives is? Even if you don’t (its John Boehner, if you were wondering), that doesn’t mean you can’t be proactive in making a change in your community. It doesn’t take a political guru to know how to serve food to the homeless, or to provide virtual tech support to a non-profit, or simply to show a little compassion. Granted New Yorkers are busy people, it still comes as a shock to find out that New York was ranked the 51st WORST state (including D.C.)  for volunteering. Out of 8.1 million people only 20% of people found the time to volunteer at least once between 2008 and 2010. It is even more disappointing to find out that only 19% of college students in the state volunteered their time as well.

            Though the work of a volunteer is immeasurable, according to the Bureau for Labor Statistics, the dollar value of an hour of volunteer time in New York is $28.04. Can you imagine the impact it would make if every person in the city of New York gave back just one hour of time? Not only would the thousands of organizations in the city dedicated to improving our communities save money, but thousands of New Yorkers would be greatly affected. Sometimes it is more than just the feel good that comes from donating one’s timeit is giving back that allows a community, a city, to thrive together cohesively.
            If you are interested in finding a volunteer opportunity, you can learn more by contacting the Community Service Center at or search Career Net!