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Internship Certificate Program - Orientation I

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Nov 20 2012

Perspectives on Secession Petitions


By Kayvan Dastgheib-Beheshti Program Coordinator has created an interesting new method for Americans to keep in touch with their President and inform him on the issues they feel are important.  We The People is an online petition that allows users to create a account then create their own or sign existing petitions.  If a petition reaches 25,000 signatures the petition is acknowledged by White House staff and addressed by the President himself.  In light of the recent election, the alarming number of politically charged voters has presented some more interesting petitions. 

"We petition the Obama administration to:

Peacefully grant the State of Georgia to withdraw from the United States of America and create its own NEW government."

This excerpt is from the most recent string of petitions on the White House website.  This petition is for Georgia's secession from the Union.  This petition was created Nov. 10, 2012 and has already accumulated 18,849 signatures at the writing of this blog.  It is very unlikely that this petition will miss the required signatures by the deadline of December 10th to gain Presidential attention.  This petition for Georgia’s secession is not the only State petition for secession.  These petitions are not only coming from Red States, but from states that swung in Obama's favor in the most recent election.  New York has a running petition with already 10,850 signatures.  Michigan another Blue State has 12,449 signatures. 

The signatures themselves bring to light another incoming change in our political process.  The signatures are most likely from concentrated areas of like-minded individuals; these people will elect representatives to Congress bringing these views to center stage. These petitions are mostly symbolic.   However, this seems to represent a growing concern in the country's direction.  It also lends itself to the concern for the black and white nature of today's very partisan politics.  A nation should not be governed on the basis of “You are with us or against us.”  A country this divided will have a hard time passing any legislation be it Republican or Democrat in its origin.

If you feel these petitions are correct head to  If you feel another petition is more important or you would like to create your own make sure to register and let the President hear your voice.  Email me at and share your thoughts.