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Nov 04 2014

Internship Certificate Program - Orientation I

Nov 05 2014

Speed Networking Night

Nov 11 2014

Speed Networking Night

Nov 12 2014

Internship Certificate Program - Orientation I

Nov 13 2014

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Community Service Center Announcements
Aug 29 2013

NYIT Hosts YMCA Teen Ambassadors!


This summer New York Institute of Technology’s Community Service Center in Manhattan hosted 8 Haitian teens participating in the YMCA’s Teen Ambassadors’ Program, which brings groups of teens from various countries to explore and volunteer in the United States.

The day began with Leigh Mascianica and Amy Bravo from Career Services speaking with the students and assessing their interests to help them identify their skills and related career options. This activity was followed by a tour of the Manhattan campus and information session with Nadia Agarrat.

After lunch, the teens were led by NYIT volunteers from NYIT’s Arthur O. Eve Higher Education Opportunity Program – Loudmia Mesilas, Jasson Garcia Jimenez, Mohammad Mondol and Bryan Diaz - in a photo-journaling activity around Columbus Circle, capturing images that represented both similarities and differences between power, time, communication, and relationships in the U.S. and Haiti. After returning, the students engaged in a meaningful and educational conversation about the differences they witnessed.

Finally, NYIT student Cindy Gue led an interactive engineering activity with the teens and volunteers, who had to build a gravity cruiser with just plastic, wood and pennies. Many students excited to be able to make their cruiser move forward without any power source!

Both the teens and NYIT volunteers enjoyed making new friends while exploring Haitian and NYC culture – and NYIT!