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Oct 21 2014

Interdisciplinary Studies Career Panel

Oct 23 2014

Interdisciplinary Studies Career Panel

Oct 24 2014

One Day Immersion in TV, Cable and Digital Entertainment Collegiate Conference

Oct 27 2014

OUT In The Workplace

Oct 30 2014

STEAM Job & Internship Fair

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Sep 22 2012

Constitution Day: How Much Does NYIT Know About the Constitution?

By: Marty Magaan

The U.S. Constitution is the blueprint and the foundation of our country. It is the supreme law that dictates how our government runs and ensures that no one person or ruling body has too much power over another. Every year, on September 17th, we commemorate the day the Constitution was signed in the year 1787. In honor of this day, we set out to see how much NYIT students and staff know about the Constitution. Watch the video below to see how they did:


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