Graduate Programs Directory

The School of Engineering and Computing Sciences has several masters level programs available to the working professional and/or continuing student. The objective of the programs is to provide the students with a comprehensive background and advance the depth and breadth of a student's knowledge in order to prepare them to achieve their individual interests and professional goals.


The graduate program leading to the Computer Science is designed to serve a wide range of professional interests and within this framework takes a broad-based approach to practical computer applications. The program is suited for persons holding a baccalaureate degree in computer science, engineering, operations research, mathematics or related fields of interest. Its curriculum is consistent with the recommendations of the Association for Computing Machinery. Emphasis is on the relationship between computers and their areas of applications and as such, the program is ideal for individuals interested in systems analysis and systems engineering, application software, software engineering, systems programming, data communications, microprocessors or computer graphics.

The department of computer science offers an additional Information, Network, and Computer Security. The program, applied in nature, is focused on the study of several important security skills that are in short supply. The program addresses aspects of security from the network layer up to the application layer, providing a comprehensive understanding of security and its implications on the network, Web services infrastructure, databases, and software design. The specific areas of study include, but are not limited to, best practices in security, network protection, intrusion detection, and hacker exploits. The degree is ideally suited for students with engineering and computer science backgrounds who intend to play a leading role in implementation as well as the management of computer and network security systems. The program is supported by the Network and Information Security Laboratory funded by the Office of Naval Research. The objective of the program is to provide the students with depth and breadth in the area of information, network, and computer security. The program will prepare students for work and further graduate studies in computer science and computer security.

The graduate program leading in Electrical and Computer Engineering is intended to provide advanced knowledge and skills for the working electrical and computer engineer or student who wishes to pursue further graduate study. The curriculum emphasizes applied and design-oriented engineering skills coupled to the underlying theoretical concepts. This program provides both the seasoned engineer and the recent graduate with advanced engineering education and state-of-the-art specialization. 

Because there is a growing need for energy managers conversant with business management and energy technology, NYIT’s School of Engineering and Computing Sciences offers a Energy Management which pursues several objectives, one of which is to provide professionals in business management or engineering and college graduates in compatible fields with the most up-to-date knowledge in energy management. Another objective is to equip these professionals with the interdisciplinary skills required of the new class of energy managers, in particular, modern energy technology, business practice, policy development, program analysis, cost-benefit evaluation and computer-assisted management techniques. There is also a combined B.S./M.S. degree program available in association with Mechanical Engineering or Architecture. The program allows students to attain the combined degrees in five years of full-time study rather than the six and one-half years ordinarily required.

A practice-oriented graduate program leading to the Environmental Technology and Sustainability will be of interest to engineers as well as scientific and technical personnel looking to enhance their career choices. It is becoming obvious that increasing security, and environmental concerns coupled with government regulations require individuals with advanced training in environmental technology and infrastructure security. The program provides advanced training in topics such as waste and environmental management, infrastructure security, and pollution prevention.