Certification Directions - Leadership

How to Apply for NYSED School Building Leader and Educational Technology Specialist Certification

  1. Completion of Teacher Preparation Program

  2. Apply for NYIT graduation at NYIT Connect: Official graduation dates are May 31, August 31, and December 31.   

  3. Take the DASA training on Harassment, Bullying, Cyberbullying, and Discrimination in Schools: Prevention and Intervention.

  4. Take the EAS Test (Educating All Students)

  5. Take the CST (Content Specialty Test) in School Building Leader (2 Part Exams)

  6. Take the CST (Content Specialty Test) in Educational Technology Specialist

  7. Cleared fingerprints must be on file with the New York State Department of Education

  8. Must have taught 3 years full-time

  9. Apply for Professional Certification for Educational Technology Specialist through Teacher Preparation Program. 

    • The program code for Educational Technology Specialist is 27783

      10.  Apply for Initial Certificate for School Building Leader through the Teacher Preparation Program

  •          The program code School Building Leader is 28947

      11. Pay the fees for each certification.

      12. Send an e-mail requesting Institution Recommendation to soefp@nyit.eduor submit the Institution Recommendation Release Form (IRRF).

  • We will submit an Institutional Recommendation verifying that you completed NYIT’s approved program that leads to the Ed Tech Specialist and the School Building leader certification.
  • The School Building Leader is initial certification to be eligible for the professional certification you must complete three (3) years’ experience as a building level administrator.

  • Both the Ed Tech Specialist and the School Building leader certification require a Content Specialty Test. You can register for the Content Specialty Test at http://www.nystce.nesinc.com/.

  • The schedule and fees are listed at this site.

  • List NYIT School of Education for receiving a copy of your scores.

Please Note: If you face problems with any of these steps during the application process, send an email to soefp@nyit.edu with a complete description of the issue.

Congratulations and Good luck!


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