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Sep 11 2014

NYIT Medical Researcher Wins NIH Grant for Cardiac Studies

Sep 09 2014

NYIT Ranked in Top Tier of U.S. News & World Report’s Best Colleges 2015 Edition

Aug 27 2014

NYIT Architecture Professor Helps Illuminate Burning Man Festival

Aug 26 2014

PA Grads Attain High Pass Rate on National Exam

Aug 19 2014

NYIT Cybersecurity Conference 2014

Sep 17 2014

Introduction to Online Library Resources, Manhattan

Sep 17 2014

Internship Certificate Program - Orientation I

Sep 17 2014

Library Tour, Manhattan

Sep 18 2014

Cybersecurity Conference

Sep 18 2014

Create a Better LinkedIn Profile

Preparing Your Department Portfolio

Step 1: Apply online and submit official transcripts

Please make sure that you have submitted a completed application with graduate admissions. All previous official undergraduate and graduate transcripts and any other documentation must also be submitted to NYIT to Graduate Admissions. Immunization records must be submitted to the Office of Wellness Services.

Step 2: Complete a School Counseling Department Portfolio

As a candidate for admissions to the Masters of Science in School Counseling program at NYIT, you will need to review and submit the following items that will help us to get to know you better and will also help you prepare for your interview. These items include:

I. Candidate Statement of Understanding
Read the statement carefully and sign it.

II. Individualized School Experience Contract
Please review and complete the form that describes experiences that you may have had in a public or private school as a professional or volunteer.

III. Goal Statement
In 500 words or less, address the following:
Describe how your career path has led you to the school counseling profession?
What excites you about working as a school counselor?

IV. Three Reference Forms
Submit three reference forms from an employer or supervisor, a college professor, etc. who can attest to your ability to succeed academically as a student as well as in a profession which requires leadership, social justice advocacy skills, and a strong ability to collaborate.

V. Submit all department portfolio materials to:

NYIT School Counseling Department

1855 Broadway

New York, NY 10023

VI. Preparing for Your Interview
Review the presentation called Closing the Achievement Gap. Take notes on what surprised you and what concerned about student success after you review the presentation slides: You are expected to prepare and present your reaction and participate in the group discussion.

You will also provide a brief writing sample during your interview.

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