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The New York Institute of Technology School Counseling Program is organized around seven competencies which reflect the program’s beliefs about what school counselors should know and be able to do to successfully meet the challenges and priorities of 21st century schools and the diverse needs of today’s students. The program is aligned with the standards and practices of the Council for Accreditation in Counseling and Related Programs (CACREP) and National Council for the Accreditation of Education (NCATE).

  1. School counselor candidates will demonstrate the knowledge and skills to plan, implement, and evaluate comprehensive national standards based school counseling programs.
  2. School counselor candidates will acquire the knowledge and skills to consult and work collaboratively with faculty, administrators, parents/caretakers and community members to improve student success in school.
  3. School counselor candidates will apply counseling theories and practices under supervision as appropriate in a school setting.
  4. School counselor candidates will consult and collaborate with faculty and administrators to create safe and respectful school environments for diverse student populations.
  5. School counselor candidates will use critical data elements to inform practice to best serve the needs of every student including underrepresented children and youth.
  6. School counselor candidates will acquire knowledge and skills in a wide variety of technology applications appropriate to counseling practice.
  7. School counselor candidates will demonstrate responsibility for their own learning and professional development.

2 Year Cohort Plan

3 Year Cohort Plan

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