Critical Thinking: Joanne Scillitoe

Joanne Scillitoe
Entrepreneurial Studies
School of Management

In all of my classes (Freshman to MBA), I expect students to read the business press (for example Wall Street Journal). I ask the students to select a recent article of their choosing and present the following components to the class. This is a great way for students to select a topic that interests them (interest is important for engagement), learn about current issues in business, and work on their critical analysis skills. The 10 min presentation must include the following:

  1. a summary of the article so the rest of the class learns some recent business news
  2. a clear explanation of how the article relates to the theories discussed in the course (concepts, models)
  3. a critical analysis of the article (I provide the students with the following critical analysis resources freely available on the web:
  4. questions and answers

What does critical analysis look like? I describe it as students "finding their voices." They transition from reciting what the article was about and notes from the lectures to their opinion.

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