Critical Thinking: Mindy Haar

Mindy Haar, PhD, RD, CDN
Interdisciplinary Health Sciences
School of Health Professions

NTSI 410: Life Cycle Nutrition (Junior/Senior Level)

Textbook/Website comparison assignment: Students are asked to visit the website of the La Leche League at and compare the advice given on the site for diet during breastfeeding to the diet recommendations on the same topic in the assigned course textbook. Students are then asked to research the differences. Often what is included in the website that does not appear in the book does not have as firm an evidence base.

One role of nutritionists is to sift through the mountains of information on nutrition and give expert opinion to clients and the public. As this assignment uses for comparison a well-regarded web resource, students must dig a little deeper to find differences and the basis for these differences.

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