Schedule: Modernist Manhattan Conference March 2, 2012

Panels for Modernist Manhattan Conference March 2, 2012: Tentative Schedule 


9:00-9:30 Complimentary Coffee

11th Floor Auditorium

9:30-10:00 Introductory Session

11th Floor Auditorium

Opening Address by Bryan Waterman, New York University
"The Social Significance of the Modern"


10:00-11:15 Session I

1.  Economics and Class from Modernism to Occupy Wall Street
11th Floor Auditorium
Chair: Jeff Allred, CUNY Hunter

Sarah Cornish, Fordham University
“Subway ‘Home’ to 75,000 Girls:” Sense of Place in Millen Brand’s The Outward Room

Kristin Gilger, University of Virginia
Picturing Poverty: Visual Representations of the Post-Depression Bowery and the Aesthetics of Suffering

Jonathan Greenberg, Montclair State University
Writing, Bureaucracy, and Modernity from Bartleby to Catch-22

2.  The Global City
Room 624, 6th Floor
Chair: Gary Stephens, New York Institute of Technology

Elizabeth Albert, St. John’s University
An Ocean Between Us: African Crosscurrents in New York and Paris

Christopher S. Leslie, Polytechnic Institute of New York University
Hugo Gernsback's Utopian Radio Citizens of New York in 2660 (or 1911)

Aram Shephard, University of North Carolina
Mexico Published in New York: Katherine Anne Porter’s and José Juan Tablada’s Writing in the 1920s

3.   Literature and the Shaping of the Modern City
Rm. 822, 8th Floor
Chair: Caroline Zoe Krzakowski, New York University

Celia Marshik, SUNY Stony Brook
The Provincial Lady in Manhattan:  E. M. Delafield’s Familiar and Strange New York

 Elizabeth Foley O’Connor, Marist University
A “place of refuge for all the races of the world:” Ford Madox Ford’s New York in When the Wicked Man

 Adam R. McKee, Florida State University
The Crafting of New York Modernism: Alfred Kreymborg, Des Imagistes, and The Glebe

11:30-12:45 Session II

 1. Circulating Neighborhood Cultures
11th Floor Auditorium
Chair/panel organizer: Tamar Katz, Brown University

Sara Blair, University of Michigan
The Poverty of Modernism: Photographic Seeing and the Lower East Side

Sunny Stalter, Auburn University
Writing the Local: The Circulation of Yiddish Theater in Modernist Manhattan

Tamar Katz, Brown University
Narrating the Neighborhood: Joseph Mitchell, the New Yorker Magazine, and South Street History

2. Little Magazines and Modernist Print Culture
Room 822, 8th Floor
Chair:  Jennifer Gilchrist, CUNY Hunter

Suzanne Churchill, Davidson College
Pas de Deux: Mina Loy and Alfred Stieglitz Dance Dada

Natalie Kalich, Loyola University of Chicago
“The cocktail without a padlock!”: Vanity Fair’s Intoxicating Articulation of Modernist Manhattan Culture

Lindsay Bartkowski, University of Buffalo
“Good, if startling stuff”


12:45-1:00 Pick up box lunches outside 11th Floor Auditorium


1:00-2:30 Lunchtime Session

11th Floor Auditorium

Plenary Address by Marshall Berman, City University of New York
I WENT TO THE MODERN: Has Modernism a Future?


2:30-3:45 Session III

1. African American Modernism
11th Floor Auditorium
Chair: Elizabeth Donaldson, New York Institute of Technology

Camilla Ammirati, University of Virginia
“Come Right In:” Rent Parties, Railroads, and the Problem of Belonging in Claude McKay's Home to Harlem

John Lowney, St. John’s University
Jazz Modernism and the Intercultural Politics of Claude McKay’s Home to Harlem

Adam McKible, John Jay College
Alain Locke, Countee Cullen, and the Sexual/Textual Politics of the New Negro 

2. Skyscrapers and Everything: Highrise NY
Room 822, 8th Floor
Chair: Nicholas Dagen Bloom, New York Institute of Technology

Adrienne Brown, University of Chicago
A Regulating Geometry: Skyscraper Form and the Modernist Novel

Steven A. Nardi, Medgar Evers College
A “Superb, brutal force”: The Skyscraper Interior & the Literary Imagination in 1920s Manhattan

Paul Haacke, University of California, Berkeley
Enchanted Catastrophe: Léger and Le Corbusier on the Vertical Mystique of Modernist Manhattan

3. New York is the Word
Room 822, 8th Floor
Chair: Anne Diebel, Columbia University

Meghan Marie Hammond, New York University

English Eyes in Modernist Manhattan

Peter Nicholls, New York University
Lola Ridge and the Other Manhattan

Patrick Deer, New York University
WH Auden's Late Modernist Manhattan

Marshall Berman, CUNY

On Dreiser


4:00-5:15 Session IV

1. All Yesterday's Parties: Socializing and Making Contact in Modernist Manhattan's Art & Politics
11th Floor Auditorium
Facilitator/Panel Organizer: Daniel Lang/Levitsky, Independent Scholar

J. Dellecave, University of California, Riverside
Modernist Movements in Dance Writing from New TheatreNew MassesDaily Worker, and Carl Van Vechten

Daniel Lang/Levitsky, Independent Scholar
"My intention is. . . to enumerate": Style and the Archive in the Social Life of the Queer Scrapbook

Patrick Redding, Manhattanville College
Democracy as a Way of Life: Intellectual Experiments in Greenwich Village, 1910-1929

2. Modernist Rituals of Display, Exhibition, and Consumption
Room 624, 6th Floor
Chair: Ernest Ialongo, CUNY  Hostos

Sarah Butler, Parsons School of Design
New York Displays: Restoring Modernism for Art and Design Exhibition

Kathryn Holland, Grant McEwan University
Modernist Exhibitions: The Beginning of the Museum of Modern Art

Caroline Knighton, Birkbeck College
Manhattan Transfer: Modernist Production, American Art Consumption, and The Armory Show of 1913

3. The Spatial Geographies of New York
Room 822, 8th Floor
Chair:  Amy Feinstein, Independent Scholar

Julia Bloch, Bard College
Underground Modernism: Poetry and the New York Subway

Tania Friedel, College of Mount St. Vincent’s
Refuge and Refuse: The Street, the Cabaret, and the Theatre in Rudolph Fisher’s Harlem Stories

Thomas Stubblefield, University of Massachussets, Dartmouth
The City From Afar: Madison Square and the Aerial View in Alvin Coburn's The Octopus (1912)