Enterprise Systems Solutions Speakers

E. Maria Boonie E. Maria Boonie

Vice President, System z Software Development
IBM Systems and Technology Group

E. Maria Boonie is vice president of System z Software Development for the IBM Systems and Technology Group.  In this role, she is responsible for delivery of the System z Software portfolio, which includes z/OS, z/VM, z/VSE, z/Linux, and zFirmware. 

Prior to this, Maria held various leadership positions within IBM, including director of training and technical university delivery, responsible for providing deep technical training on STG products; director of integrated solution test, responsible for verifying IBM’s solutions prior to GA; director of quality/RAS/product introduction, responsible for the quality delivery of STG products to IBM’s clients; and z900 PDT leader, responsible for managing the z900 product line. Before that, she was manager of the Transaction Processing Facility (TPF) organization with responsibility for the TPF Systems suite of software products. 

Boonie joined IBM in 1986 as a TPF Systems software engineering tester and subsequently held leadership positions in TPF, S/390 Customer Enablement, and S/390 Re-engineering, quality, test, and now STG lab services.

She holds a bachelor of science degree in computer science engineering and an M.B.A. in management science from the University of Connecticut. She also holds a Master’s Certificate in Project Management from George Washington University.  She has been a leader in Toastmasters International and the Project Management Institute, Hudson Valley Chapter. 

Martin J. KennedyMartin J. Kennedy

Managing Director
Global Enterprise Systems
Citi Technology Infrastructure

In his current role as global operations head of enterprise systems, Martin J. Kennedy is responsible for managing operations and engineering all enterprise systems disciplines globally including z/OS, z/VM, z/Linux, z/TPF, hardware configuration management, CICS, Websphere, MQ Series, network software, mainframe DBA functions, iSeries, Stratus, and VAX/VMS. He is also responsible for re-engineering the infrastructure for further efficiencies and leads a team of more than 450 staff, contractors, and vendor resources.

In 2009, Kennedy became the IT Function Head for Global O&T - Enterprise O&T and Corporate Services. He was the global engineering lead for z/Series. He was also the operational owner of all System "Z", System "I," and home banking technology in North America.  In addition, he managed Citi's z/OS, TPF, CICS, Network Software, WebSphere Business Integration, MQ Messaging, z/VM, and z/Linux teams.

He has been working with Citigroup since 1986, when he joined as a MVS manager. In 1999, he became a director for corporate O&T and had direct responsibility for managing a team of 100 engineers supporting the operational support of z/OS, z/VM, z/LINUX, z-Network software, CICS, MQ series, and database support, as well as supporting Citibank, CitiCards, Student Loan, Private Banking, GTS, Cash Management, and FX systems.

Before joining Citigroup, Kennedy worked in the Banking Systems Development group. He was responsible for application development of both dollar and non-dollar core banking applications. He has extensive programming design and development in Assembly Language, COBOL and PL/I.

Kennedy has a B.S. in mathematics from Baruch College - City University of New York. He is a member of the z Series Business Leadership Council, a member of the Marist College z/OS Advisory Board, and a founding partner of the NSF Enterprise Computing.

Richard Schnauthiel

Systems Manager for Mainframe Operating Systems Support
Con Edison
Richard Schnauthiel has been with Con Edison for 32 years and has been a member of its Information Resources department for the past 18 years. Over the years, he has had many diverse roles in the Con Edison IT department both as a systems specialist and systems manager. Schnauthiel has also been the systems manager for the LAN Infrastructure Support, Technology Support, and Server and Storage Operations teams. He is also the IT liaison for the Con Edison Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery initiatives, which he has been involved with since 2004.

Gustavo Garcia

Manager, Intrastructure Engineering and Support
Insurance Services Office (ISO)

Gustavo Garcia is responsible for tactical engineering, implementation, and support of z/Series architecture for ISO/Verisk Analytics (z/OS, z/VM and Linux/z) operating platforms. In addition, he has engineering and operational oversight of a distributed environment that includes Solaris on SUN SPARC and Red Hat on Intel (hosted on VMware). Garcia has an established track record of providing customers with a reliable and secure computing environment. His passion for his work has allowed him to build high-performing teams that inspire excellence. Garcia has served in many technology roles throughout his 32 year career. He holds a bachelor of science degree in management from Rutgers University School of Business, New Brunswick, N.J.

Leonard Santalucia

Chief Technology Officer, Business Development Manager
Vicom Inifinity, Inc.

Leonard Santalucia has been involved in the IT industry since 1973. He spent 27 years at IBM, where he was a senior consulting certified sales specialist and the first member of the elite Americas Linux Impact Team, which was formed in 2000, as well as a certified IBM eServer Systems and IT Specialist. In his role on the Linux Impact Team, he specialized in Linux, Open Systems, Large Scale Virtualization, Object Oriented, LAN, and Web 2.0 technologies for the financial services and banking sector. 

Santalucia is a key liaison in providing IBM customer requirements to the IBM STG Hardware Lab and IBM Software Group. He is frequently sought after for presenting IBM's STG Hardware, Software, Linux, Virtualization, and OSS Strategy and Directions at the IBM Executive Briefing Centers, IBM Linux Center of Competence, IBM Palisades Conference Center, IBM Hawthorne Research Center, IBM Top Gun Classes, Technical Conferences, and Consultant Conferences, as well as to individual customers all over the world.