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Green Programs at NYIT

NYIT offers degrees in Architecture, Energy Management and Environmental Technology, which prepare students for careers in fast-growing fields. Faculty conduct ground-breaking research through the Center for Water Resource Management, the Center for Energy, Environment and Economics, and the Center for Metropolitan Sustainability.

Green Research at NYIT

In the early 1970s, NYIT faculty and students began designing and constructing hybrid electric vehicles and working on a hydrogen-powered engine--long before these technologies entered the mainstream. During the mid-1990s, NYIT students built and drove high-performance hybrid vehicles, competing annually in a national competition. NYIT's research has led to patents on energy transmission systems and a means for controlling the discharge of the hybrid's energy storage. 

In 2005 and 2007, teams of NYIT students participated in the international Solar Decathlon competition during which they designed and built solar-powered homes at the National Mall in Washington, D.C. The 2005 Solar House is now located at the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy in Kings Park, N.Y., and the 2007 home is part of the Town of Hempstead's Energy Park.

NYIT architecture students are involved in real-world projects focusing on sustainable practices in Staten Island, N.Y.'s waterfront revitalization and in Port Jefferson, NY.

Innovative Campus Green Print

NYIT has developed a unique green print focusing on: LEED-compliant, energy-efficient campus construction; hybrid fleet vehicles; recycling and use of recycled paper; green cleaning methods; and "paperless" products, including class schedules. NYIT seeks to measure its carbon footprint across its many campuses, research energy alternatives and emission solutions, and reduce energy consumption through such everyday efficiencies as occupancy sensors for classroom lights. Solar carports have been constructed, to demonstrate the transformation of suburban parking lots into recharging stations for hybrids.

About NYIT de Seversky Mansion

In the early twentieth century, captains of industry built grand showplaces on the North Shore of Long Island, which offered an easy commute to Manhattan. One of these classic Gold Coast mansions, originally constructed by Alfred I. Dupont, has been named in honor of the famous Russian aviator Alexander P. de Seversky, a member of the NYIT board of trustees who was instrumental in its acquisition. Today, the marble entry hall, grand ballroom and fine dining room provide an elegant setting for weddings, conferences and other events.