Electronic Journalism: M.A. Specialization

Degree Map for: Master of Arts in Communication Arts
Electronic Journalism Specialization

Graduate Communication Arts Department

Specialty Degree Map for Master of Arts in Communication Arts

Electronic Journalism Specialization

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Required Core Courses:

COMM 610 – Vocabulary of the Media Critic 3CR
COMM 620 – Media Research 3CR
COMM 630 – Media and Culture 3CR
DGIM 601 – Multimedia Production Tools (or other approved DGIM course) 3CR

Specialization Courses:

NEWS 650 – Television Newsroom Operation 4CR
COMM 680 – Television News Internship 3CR
NEWS 700 – Advanced Television Newsroom Operation 3CR
TEVE 760 – Video Editing 3CR
COMM 663 – Multimedia Journalism 3CR
JOUR 610 – Newswriting for Radio and Television 3CR


COMM 663 – Digital Studio 3CR

Total Program Credits = 34-36

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