Globesville is an online network of students that leverages the power of social media to integrate NYIT campuses, students and alumni from across the globe. The Globesville team creates and collects original video and features which focus on the activities, interests, and goals of the NYIT community.

Our goal is to unite students and alumni located around the world via a social network that strives to be a premier media outlet on and off campus. Our strategy is to advance opportunity for understanding across geographic and cultural boundaries by engaging the interests of our audience and cultivating the discussion of those interests through our network.

Our mission is to bring a sense of excitement, connectedness, and pride to the NYIT community worldwide!

For more information, contact Professor Don Fizzinoglia at

Globesville - NYIT’s student-run web channel, NYIT Old Westbury
Globesville in action, live from the Pangea rooms, Education Hall Digital Production Complex.

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