Course Descriptions

COMM-350 Special Topics

Digital Media Game Design
This course provides an introduction to the creation of digital games.  The course surveys various perspectives in the field of game design and production.  Topics include the history of video games, human computer interaction, game theory, game genres, and building games within the Unity architecture.  In addition, evolution of the video game industry will be examined. Students are required to complete two digital games by the end of the course.

U.S. Advertising
A survey of modern advertising covering the major media: print, radio, television and new media in the U.S.  Comparison of media for utility, impact and effectiveness as a vehicle for advertising.

Social Media
From blogging to Facebook, LinkedIn to Ning, social media use is increasingly widespread and is garnering more and more media attention. Traditional outbound methods of marketing and advertising are proving less and less effective as the medium and means for delivering our messages are increasingly becoming dominated by social media technologies.  As society and businesses struggle to understand how to communicate within this new process, innovative web and mobile implementations are being developed every day. Mass communication problems seek to investigate and understand how businesses can successfully express their brand and their product in this new socio-technological landscape.

COMM-663/COMM-664 Seminar Classes

Advanced Social Media for Business
From blogging to Facebook, LinkedIn to Twitter, social media use is increasingly widespread and is garnering more and more media attention. There’s no doubt it’s popular, but how can it be useful to businesses? This class will explore how businesses can make the most of this technology to expand their current marketing and customer relations programs to social media platforms. It will also examine what it means to a business to get involved with social media: How will business set its strategy? Who will execute on the strategy? How will it address this highly public channel for criticism and the corresponding calls for transparency? And most of all, how will it measure its social media progress?

Broadband Media and Marketing
This course is designed for graduate students who will be undertaking the process of e-business development - start-ups, and transforming existing businesses - to gain efficiencies. This course based on e-commerce research and e-commerce practices is designed to create a deeper understanding of effective broadband marketing business and brand management. Students will learn how to design a marketing program for a media product. The course expands coverage of using broadband, customer relationship management, and strategy theories.

This course examines the concepts of media marketing and the role that digital technology plays in making marketing more effective. The case studies approach covers the following flow of four principles: understand customer needs, formulate a marketing strategy, implement strategy, and build trusting relationship with customers.

Fashion Communications
This course is a basic introduction to the terminology and fundamentals of the fashion industry and fashion communications and marketing.  Students study history of fashion, sources of fashion information and how to disseminate it and the modern history of fashion. The importance of personalities, politics, resorts, social events, art, the theater, etc. is considered in the development of current trends.

Global Film Analysis
This course deals with film, its development as a societal narrative and its significance as an educative medium and social ameliorator. Film making, directing and acting technique and styles will be examined, along with an examination of the significance of genre. The films examined as the springboard for discussion will be from various countries. Students will learn the vocabulary of film, learn to discuss and write meaningfully about it and will develop analytical and critical skills which will enhance their appreciation of film.

Health Care Advertising and Public Relations
Students will recognize the extent and diversity of health care advertising.

Global Advertising and Public Relations
This is a course in which students work in individually and in teams to understand cultural diversity as it applies to advertising and PR plans around the globe.

New York City in Film
A variety of situations, philosophies, occupations, processes, institutions, and cultural phenomena are presented in motion pictures, all filmed on location in New York City.  The course examines the human conditions of this great social experiment, and how the City itself, a monument to mankind’s achievements, acts as a character in these stories.  The study of these cultural artifacts, that reflect historical forces and social conditions existing at the time they were made, gives students an understanding of how the convergence of human experiences and audience sensibilities influences the creation of media.

Production Workshop/Advanced Radio Production
This class presents an intense study on today’s radio program marketplace: it’s planning, writing, production, and marketing.  Students will become well grounded in digital audio editing software and hardware.

Social Media and Public Relations and Advertising
This course examines the field of public relations and the use of social media to leverage companies’ reputations, revenues and customer relations.  Throughout the semester students will get a hands on look and understanding of how to leverage Facebook, Twitter, blogs, Foursquare and other social media tools for public relations.

Special Events
This course teaches students to think creatively and spontaneously about how to design, plan, promote and produce Special Events.  Topics covered will include all elements of event planning, from “Discovery” (Why are we doing this event?) to “Outcome and Assessment” (How did we do? What could have gone better? What was our shining moment? Did we have any disasters and were they resolved satisfactorily?)

The Business of Television Programing
This course examines the business side of television today and the programming tactics and strategies utilized by broadcast and cable networks to attract audiences and revenue.

TV Program Concept and Developments
This course examines the evolution and history of the many television program types and the criteria for evaluating idea, story structure format and types, performance, and production values.  The student will learn to develop program ideas and turn them into bona fide treatments and pitches for network submission.  We will also examine and discuss what types of programming networks look for, whether it is broadcast, cable or web-based.

Video Animation
This course places students in realistic post-production situations in which they solve challenges faced daily by special effects artists. Topics include color correction, paint, text, and action.

Media Performance and Presentation
Good presentation skills are essential in life in general and in business in particular. This course is designed to help the student achieve a level of competence and confidence beyond their current status. The course covers: identifying the individual elements that comprise good, and effective public communication.

Crisis Public Relations
An exploration of Crisis Management from the perspective of Public Relations, this course will provide best practices on What To Do/What Not To Do, and examine recent case studies such as LIPA/Hurricane Sandy and the Penn State/Sandusky cover-up, as well a historical view of how things have changed in the past 30 years since the Tylenol recall. Professional PR practioners expert in crisis management will be making guest appearances throughout the 15-week course. Crisis Public Relations syllabus (Spring '13)

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