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At NYIT, student learning goes beyond the classroom. Our programs and resources are designed to help students develop technical skills in their field and transferable skills such as time management, business communications, and customer service.

Experiential education is a work or volunteer experience over a semester where students increase knowledge, develop skills, clarify values and prepare for careers and citizenship. It is a partnership between the student, NYIT, and the community organization. Get practical experience through:

  • Internship Certificate Program - an internship is a usually semester-long job related to a student’s major or career goals designed to provide experience in and exposure to a typical workplace in a career field.
  • Service-learning - is a teaching and learning approach that integrates community service with academic study to enrich learning, teach civic responsibility, and strengthen communities.
  • Consultants for the Public Good - join a team of interdisciplinary students under the guidance of a faculty member to tackle a community based project. Attend the kickoff event at the start of each semester to learn about community client projects and form consulting teams.
  • Study Abroad - Study abroad allows students to pursue educational opportunities in a foreign country.

Experiential learning happens from personal experience and reflection on everyday activities. In short, it is self-teaching and less structured than experiential education programs. It includes externships, job shadowing, and volunteering. Get involved with the:

  • Community Service Center - Community service is unpaid work a person performs for the good of the community that is not tied to the institution and allows members of society the opportunity to become civically engaged and solve public problems.  
  • Alternative Break Program - This program offers students the opportunity to travel together and to provide service to communities in need during spring and intercession breaks. Alternative break trips get students to think of themselves as global citizens and to inspire them to use their college learning to solve public problems. 
  • Alumni Mentor Program - Mentoring is a structured relationship between an experienced person, the mentor, and an inexperienced person, the mentee.  Professional mentorship should have a pre-defined duration with objectives, priorities, expectations and boundaries established at the onset of the experience.

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