Career Fair Prep

Before the Fair

  • Prepare a 30- to 60-second presentation that will serve as your introduction to the recruiter. Include your full name, career interest, experience, and skills that meet the needs of the employer.
  • Think through and articulate your career goals, your skills,  relevant courses you have taken, and campus activities you have participated in.
  • If your background doesn't match the employers' needs, be prepared to explain why you are interested.
  • Be truthful about  qualifications: "I don't have experience, but I do have courses in ... and I am looking for an opportunity to get started."
  • Create a plan by obtaining a list of employers who will be attending the fair. Prioritize your top five employers and visit them first.

Research Employers

  • Sign in to your CareerNet Account and go to the Career Events tab to learn about companies attending the fair and positions they have available.
  • Use reference material at the Office of Career Services, NYIT's libraries and the online tools to get current information on companies, products, and industries. If you know anyone working for the employer, talk to that person before the career fair.
  • Prepare a list of job-related questions to ask employers.
  • Employers are looking to hire qualified candidates who fit their image and who will contribute to the organization. Be aware of that image and know how you will fit in.

The Day of the Fair

  • Dress for success in conservative business attire. "Dropping in" is not a good strategy. Treat this like an interview. Here ideas of what to wear.
  • Have a good attitude. Employers are looking for people who are positive and upbeat.
  • Each recruiter is conducting a mini interview with you. Introduce yourself with a firm handshake. Maintain good eye contact. Use your best interview skills. Ask relevant questions, but do not ask about salary or benefits. Focus on what you can offer the employer.
  • Have plenty of resumes. If you have several versions, keep them separated in folders that are labeled. Have a resume ready before you meet a recruiter. Bring copies of your references' names, addresses and phone numbers on a separate sheet of paper, but only provide this if a recruiter requests it. Bring your portfolio or representative samples of your work.
  • Have a pen and pad to take notes. After you have met with a recruiter and stepped away from the table, jot down information you need for future contact.
  • Collect business cards, brochures, and employer literature. Carry a briefcase or large folder to store these items. Employers are happy to get your resume and will give you pens, water bottles, key chains, etc. so you will remember them. Don'tt pick up these  items until you have spoken with the recruiter, and find a place to put them.

After the Fair

  • Review your notes and employer materials. Follow up with any employers you are interested in. Send a thank you note to these recruiters. Enclose another copy of your resume.
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