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Campus Slate App

The Campus Slate, NYIT’s student newspaper goes mobile! Get the latest NYIT student news, sports and entertainment with just at your fingertips. The Pocket Campus Slate app is available for the Android and Windows phone operating systems. This app offers Campus Slate headlines 24/7 on your phone or tablet. The Pocket Slate is a free app that keeps you connected with the NYIT community, sending regular updates for upcoming events, opportunities and more!

The Pocket Campus Slate app was developed and designed by NYIT students in the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) to enhance the 40+ year history of The Campus Slate and move the publication in a forward direction.


Obtaining the app on the device(s):

Make sure that all the device owners have an account on the respective platforms (Apple, Microsoft, Google)


You must have iOS 7 installed on your iPhone

i. Navigate to the App Store from your home screen.  The App Store icon is a blue square with a pencil, paintbrush and ruler arranged in the form of a letter “A”.  Usually you should see the App Store icon in the first group of icons, if not, swipe your thumb to the left until you see it. 

ii. Once you are in the App Store, look at the bottom of the screen where there is a bar of four buttons.  The fourth button from the left should read “Search” and also have a magnifying lens above the word “Search”.  Tap on that button, and you should be redirected to a page which has nothing but a search bar at the top of the screen. 

iii. Then after navigating to the Search screen, you should see only a search bar at the top of the screen, and then in the search bar type the following terms exactly: Pocket Campus Slate.  You should then see an app developed by the following individual, Luis Umbarila. 

iv. Once you see the app, and you see the install button visible, and the install button has a green background, tap on the install button.  If you are prompted to enter your iTunes password for the download to continue, enter your password.  Then the app will be installed on its own. 

1.     There you have it!  Now you have the Pocket Campus Slate, and you are closer to the Old Westbury Campus!  If you are unable to find the app, click here which will take  you right to the app itself.  

Windows 8

From the start screen navigate to the Windows 8 Store

i.      Open the Store

ii.     Move the mouse to the top right corner of the screen to open the charms menu and move mouse down and click on the magnifying lens to search

iii.    Type in “Pocket Campus Slate”

iv.     Arrive at this point

v.      Click on “Pocket Campus Slate”, and then you’ll be taken to a screen which should have images of the Pocket Campus Slate Windows 8 app

vi.     In the left hand pane there should be a button that reads “Install”.  Click on that button, and you’re set with the Windows 8 app

Windows Phone

If you have Windows Phone 8, please navigate to the Windows Phone store, if you have Windows Phone 8, navigate the Windows Phone marketplace

i.      Find at the bottom a button that has an image of a magnifying lens.

ii.     Tap the lens at the bottom and in the Search box which appears type “Pocket Campus Slate” and tap the “enter” button which is right below the delete button

iii.    You should then see the Pocket Campus Slate, tap on the app, and at the bottom of the app screen, you should see a button that reads “install”.  Tap that button and you have Pocket Campus Slate WP; the Pocket Campus Slate app for Windows Phone.


It is compatible with any Android device running 3.0 or later.

i.       Open up the Google Play store

ii.      Navigate to the “News and Magazines” category on the Google Play store

iii.     Search “NYIT Pocket Slate”

iv.      Install the app

v.      Verify that the app is installed by navigating through the app


Enjoy the Pocket Campus Slate on your device! Please do not forget to rate this app, and more importantly, give some feedback!

The staff wants to know what you think. What did we do correct?  What should be improved upon?  Let us know!  Your feedback will only make this app better.  


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