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Apr 18 2014

Dr. Barbara Ross-Lee Honored for Professional and Public Service

Apr 17 2014

Water-Energy Nexus Conference in China Tackles Global Issues

Apr 16 2014

NYIT Celebrates M.B.A. Graduation at JUFE

Apr 10 2014

NYIT Anatomy Professors Awarded NSF Grant for Evolutionary Studies

Apr 04 2014

NYIT Expert to Lecture on Nation’s Physician Shortage and Poverty

Apr 21 2014

“Year of Turkey 2014” Webinar: Video-Conferencing Using Zoom

Apr 21 2014

Internship Certificate Program - Orientation II

Apr 22 2014

Citation Workshop

Apr 22 2014

Citation Workshop

Apr 22 2014

C.H.I. Garden Party

Dean of Campus Life in Old Westbury

Dear NYIT Student,

Welcome to a new year at NYIT! Together, the students, faculty, and staff form the campus community, which reflects a variety of backgrounds and cultures. The quality of life on and about the campus is best served by courteous and dignified interactions between all individuals, regardless of gender, ethnic or religious background, sexual orientation, or ability.

Accordingly, we expect that the members of the campus community work to develop and maintain a high degree of respect and civility for the wealth of diversity on and around the campus. To ensure that this expectation is met, the College’s policies have been de-signed to promote respect and civility.

Everyone is expected to conduct themselves in a manner that fosters mutual respect among all members of the campus community. Violations of College policy will be addressed as outlined in the student handbook (PDF). With your rights as a student, you also have responsibilities. We have designed this handbook for you. It contains detailed information to make your time at NYIT safe, smooth, and successful; it also includes calendar pages to help you plan for an effective academic year.

Some of the information contained within will make your time here easier; other information you are responsible for knowing because it represents behavioral guidelines that we expect of you as a member of our community. The policies included in this handbook (PDF) supersede all previously published policies.

Please note that specific information about academic policies, the curriculum, and majors is published in the NYIT Undergraduate Catalog. The Undergraduate Catalog should be considered the primary source for academic questions.

It is your responsibility to know the material in this handbook (PDF). In addition, students are expected to comply with all College employees as they implement and enforce the policies stated in this handbook. In case of a violation, ignorance of regulations is not an acceptable excuse. Consult the student handbook and the Undergraduate Catalog for answers to your questions. If you are unclear about something, ask someone! Your faculty advisor and resident assistant are excellent resources for you.

In addition, all of us in the Dean of Campus Life Office are available to meet with you to address any questions, concerns, or ideas you may have. Any updates to this publication will be posted on the Dean of Campus Life website and e-mails to students will be sent to notify them of changes. Best wishes for a productive and creative year!


Francy Magee, Dean of Campus Life, Old Westbury