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Apr 18 2014

Dr. Barbara Ross-Lee Honored for Professional and Public Service

Apr 17 2014

Water-Energy Nexus Conference in China Tackles Global Issues

Apr 16 2014

NYIT Celebrates M.B.A. Graduation at JUFE

Apr 10 2014

NYIT Anatomy Professors Awarded NSF Grant for Evolutionary Studies

Apr 04 2014

NYIT Expert to Lecture on Nation’s Physician Shortage and Poverty

Apr 21 2014

“Year of Turkey 2014” Webinar: Video-Conferencing Using Zoom

Apr 21 2014

Internship Certificate Program - Orientation II

Apr 22 2014

Citation Workshop

Apr 22 2014

Citation Workshop

Apr 22 2014

C.H.I. Garden Party

Student Government Association

Nomination form for the 2014 Student Government Association Awards

2014 Student Government Elections!

When:  April 22nd - April 24th, 2014

Save the Date:

April 10th, 2014 - SGA Open Forum, 26 West 61st Street Lounge

April 17th, 2014 - SGA Debates, 16 West 61st Street, 11th Floor Auditorium (All students are welcome)

April 22nd - April 24th, 2014 - SGA Elections (Online)  


Meet the 2014 Candidates:

Presidential Candidates:

Jamiah Braithwaite

Niska Garoute

Michelle Hamin

Vice President of Finance Candidates: 

Parth Adhia

Lakisha Scott


While serving as the Vp of Finance, I intend to better educate clubs and organizations on how to submit proper budgets. I will also like to regulate budgets to make sure that events are given the appropriate funds – so spending does not go out of hand. Overall, I would like to change the negative perception of budgets to a positive one. When looking at a budget sheet I would love for clubs and organizations to know what is needed to be placed before submitted to me.

Chief of Staff Candidates: 

Paul Appiah

Eric Fantauzzi

Vice President of Judicial and Compliance:

Ayowande Ayodele


My Platform is to empower club members to become passionate about their clubs so as to empower the NYIT community. I want to make sure e-board members dedicate to their mission statement. I believe that clubs are losing the passion to run their club successfully and my solution is to help club understand the system; learn how to use it to their advantage so it will not overshadow the purpose of the club thereby benefiting the NYIT community which will help the clubs leave a legacy. 

Vice President of Programming:

Duaa Ibrahim


Being in the epicenter of New York City, NYIT Manhattan students do not have the traditional college experience, and there are ways to compensate for our commuter students. Programming should bring the NYIT community together. If the apparent commonality amongst NYIT students is classes and hectic schedules, why not work to build more bridges by having events that are as diverse and dynamic as we are?


NYIT’s Student Government Association (SGA) is the official voice of the student body. The SGA advocates on behalf of student interests—academic, cultural, and social. It is charged with working with the college’s faculty and administration to improve every facet of campus life. In addition, the SGA oversees the budgeting process for all recognized student clubs and organizations and supports a variety of campus-wide events. If you have questions, concerns, or want to get involved in campus life at NYIT, the SGA is here for you. For more information, stop by the SGA office located at 1849 Broadway, 2nd floor room 201, e-mail sgamanha@nyit.edu or call 212-261-1558.

There are two main branches of the SGA—an executive board and a legislative senate. Student representatives from a variety of disciplines are elected annually. Want to know more? Check out the SGA constitution (PDF).

Executive Board

Marisa Deliso

e-mail: sgamapresident@nyit.edu


Executive Vice President of Judicial and Compliance
Joy Otibu

e-mail: sgamajudicial@nyit.edu


Vice President- Student Programming Association
Samantha Cordero

e-mail: sgamaprogram@nyit.edu



Vice President of Finance 
Lakisha Scott

e-mail: sgamafinance@nyit.edu


Chief of Staff
Elias Urena

e-mail: sgamachief@nyit.edu

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