3/2 - Regular Opening

On Monday, March 2, all NYIT New York campuses will open on a regular schedule.

Updates at nyit.edu/alerts.

Clubs and Activities: Manhattan

For more information on any of the following clubs, e-mail the Office of Student Activities at OSALD@nyit.edu or call us at (212) 261 - 1509, or stop by the Student Activities Building at 1849 Broadway, 2nd floor and get involved today!

A list of clubs and organizations that are currently funded by the Student Government Association (Contact Email: sgamanha@nyit.edu)

Allied Health Life Science Organization (AHLSO): NYIT's allied health students use this organization as a way to network, exchange information about local health centers, and learn more about their chosen fields. They also plan programs and events to raise awareness of today's health issues.

Contact Email: ahlsoma@nyit.edu

Ambassadors for Christ (A4C): We are affiliated with Campus Crusade and Gospel for Asia. Our mission is built upon the scripture 2 Corinthians 5:20. NYIT Ambassadors 4 Christ has taken up the mantle to serve Jesus Christ by infiltrating NYIT with his great commission. As ambassadors, we will stand on God's word and show ourselves approved by God to be the living examples to others, just as Christ was, is and forever will be.

Contact Email: a4cma@nyit.edu

American Institute for Architecture Students (AIAS): AIAS is committed to serving as the voice for NYIT architecture students. They provide a better understanding of architecture, challenges in the field, and latest innovations. Networking opportunities with peers from other colleges and universities are made available.

Contact Email: aiasma@nyit.edu

American Medical Student Association (AMSA): To provide an environment that supports the creative ideas of physicians-in -training. Encourage and maintain a cohesive relationship with students and non-student organizations of NYIT. To affect change in the medical education process and make it more responsive to the needs of students and society.

Contact Email: amsama@nyit.edu

Bear Hug Club: Geared towards students and enhancing their social life on campus, while giving back to the community. Bear Hug plas events where all proceeds go to respectable causes such as, but not limited to, Cancer, HIV/AIDS, Alzheimer's disease, hear disease, and children with down syndrome. A heightened aspect of college life is social interactions; our goal is to enrich campus life, but make each interaction more meaningful.

Contact Email: bearhugma@nyit.edu

Freedom by Design: Non profitable community service program which helps disabled people live comfortably in their homes. This process includes construction of ramps, hand rails, and minor home adjustments to meet disabled individuals needs.

Contact Email: fbdma@nyit.edu

Fitness Club:

Contact Email: fitnessma@nyit.edu

Institute of Electronic and Electronics Engineers (IEEE): IEEE is a club for Electrical and Computer Engineers to practice what they learn in class in order to help build projects that will enhance our understanding on how electronics are designed, and put together.

Contact Email: ieeema@nyit.edu

National Society of Black Engineers: Our life long mission is "To increase the number of culturally responsible black engineers who excel academically, succeed professionally and positively impact the community" (NSBE National Mission Statement). In doing so, we utilize many programs that are set as the national strategy to ensure statistic of failure, so therefore we are active advocates of the guaranteed 4.0 program which is a subset of our retention programs, PCI, TORCH, SEEK and more. This chapter belongs to Region 1 of the National Society of Black Engineers. We have been recipients of scholarships and awards on the national and regional level and we pledge to continue increasing.

Contact Email: nsbema@nyit.edu

NYIT Dance Club: The dance club was created to give students an opportunity to learn the art of dance, build confidence, and provide a creative, performing arts outlet.

Contact Email: danceclubma@nyit.edu

NY Harmonies:

Contact Email: nyharmoniesma@nyit.edu

Performing Arts Club (PAC): The objective of this club is to increase the awareness of performing arts within our school as well as to bring forth and discover the talents among our student body.

Contact Email: pacma@nyit.edu

PR Club:

Contact Email: prclubma@nyit.edu

ROOTS: A student organization whose mission is to serve as a vehicle of cultural empowerment, educatio, and awareness of African, Caribbean, and black culture in order to eradicate stereotypes, celebrate our unique traditions, and unite the NYIT community under the notion of not losing sight of one's roots.

Contact Email: rootsma@nyit.edu

Self Defense Club:

Contact Email: sdcma@nyit.edu

Sout Asian Student Association (SASA): We will unite the south asian students from countries such as India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, etc. at NYIT and spread awareness throughout the campus, and hopefully throughout New York City; Manhattan in particular. The SASA will be open to all students at NYIT regardless of their ethnicity and cultural background as strive to unite all.

Contact Email: sasama@nyit.edu

Society of Hosteurs: SOH promotes the various fields within the hospitality industry. Members have the opportunity to participate in community service, attend events, hear guest speakers, and visit local hospitality companies.

Contact Email: sohma@nyit.edu

Society of Women Engineers : SWE is an inclusive organization focused on issues of interest to women specializing in engineering and tecnical careers. At NYIT the focus is towards scholarships, networking event and conferences, which is opened to everyone no matter of gender. 

Contact Email : swemanhattan@nyit.edu       Website : http://www.nyit.edu/campus_manhattan/swe

Students Working to Achieve Greatness: S.W.A.G, as it hopes to manifest itself at NYIT, will form a community of members, a network of friends, who fortify one another by what would otherwise have remained insurmountable cultural differences based on age or social status. S.W.A.G is compromised of overall confidence, style, and demeanor, and does not discriminate against ones sex, religion, and/or ethnicity.

Contact Email: swagma@nyit.edu

Students Working To Advance Technology: To provide participating students with, further depth into the Information Technology field through hands-on applications of projects, seminars by prominent experts in the field, in depth discussions and debates on the subject matter, and finally through fun collaborative competitions. The S.W.A.T. Team, aims to engage all students interested in technology by broadening our knowledge-base in a community style collaborative effort.

Contact Email: swatma@nyit.edu

U.N. Me: United Nations organization that is based on cluture, environment, health and wellness and philanthropy.

Contact Email: unmema@nyit.edu

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