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Sep 19 2014

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Sep 19 2014

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Sep 17 2014

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Sep 11 2014

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Sep 09 2014

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Sep 23 2014

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Sep 23 2014

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Sep 24 2014

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Sep 24 2014

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Sep 24 2014


SGA Election: NYIT-Manhattan

Election Results: 


2013 - 2014 Student Government Association Executive Board



Marisa Deliso

Year: Junior

Major: Biology

Hometown: West Palm Beach, Florida

Goals and intentions for SGA: 

I will demonstrate a constant effort into making positive changes for the students, campus and community. Through an increase in organization and communication, I aim to facilitate a campus-wide cohesive movement that will result in a surge of student involvement.


Vice President of Judicial and Compliance:

Joy Otibu

Year: Junior

Major: Pre-Med

Hometown: Brooklyn

Goals and intentions for SGA:  

As Vice President of Judicial and Compliance my main goals are to increase the retention rates of our student run clubs and organizations and to provide the student government association with a well-constructed constitution to reinforce its foundation. 

Vice President of Programming:

Samantha Cordero

Year: Junior

Major: Communication Arts

Hometown: Pennsylvania

Goals and intentions for SGA:


As Vice President of Programming, I plan on creating events for a broad range of students to increase student engagement especially for transfer and international students. I also plan to create a better marketing plan as well as improved communication to the public to get our clubs and organizations recognized in the NYIT community. 

Vice President of Finance:

Harsh Pandit

Year: Junior

Major: Computer Science

Hometown: Queens, NY

Goals and intentions for Sthe SGA: 

My ultimate goal as VP of finance is to fund more on and off campus events, all leading to increased student involvement.


Chief of Staff:

Elias Urena

Major: Electrical Engineering

Hometown: Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Goal and Intentions for the SGA: 

As the new Chief of Staff I'm looking forward to empowering the student body through transparency, time, and dedication. The main focus is for students to recognize the opportunities that NYIT may offer them, and to acquire an active role on campus. 


Officer Position and Duties:

  1. Members of the Executive Board must have achieved and maintain a 2.60 cumulative grade point average, be enrolled as a full-time undergraduate student, be free from academic or disciplinary sanctions, have achieved Sophomore status, have served as a member of the Senate for at least one full academic semester and not more than first semester Senior status as defined by NYIT, in order to be eligible for and to hold office.
  2. Executive Board members may be elected for one-year term
  3. The Executive Board will be responsible for certifying that student organizations requesting recognition adhere to criteria established by the Senate.
  4. The Executive Board may call for special and general elections to fill vacancies in the Senate and/or Executive Board, if necessary.
  5. The Executive Board may create and dissolve committees and create by-laws that pertain to Executive operating procedures.
  6. All Executive Board Members are required to attend all trainings, orientations, open houses and other campus wide events so determined by the Office of Student Activities and Leadership Development.


The President Will:

  1. Act as the chief executive officer and be the liaison which represents the Student Government Association and the student body with the Administration.
  2. Preside over the executive board meetings
  3. Represent the Student Government Association in meetings with any individual, group of individuals, or corporations wherein agreements are discussed. The President shall have the authority to make or dissolve agreements with individuals or corporations after a majority of voting Senate members present at a Senate meeting concur with all available facts having been presented.
  4. Have authority to call a special meeting of the Executive Board and/or Senate provided that notice of such meeting is provided to all Senate members at least twenty-four (24) hours in advance.
  5. Receive members and officials of their organizations and officials of the New York Institute of Technology.
  6. With concurrence of the Senate, shall have the authority to create committees and appoint a chairperson to each.
  7. Present to the Senate any information available on the state of the Student Government Association whenever possible and may make recommendations to the Senate on matters judged to be necessary and expedient.
  8. Have authority to make a pro-tempore appointment not to exceed thirty days or fill any vacancy position with approval of a majority of voting Senate members at a Senate meeting.
  9. Be the Student Government Association officer responsible for daily business operations.
  10. Serve as the Manhattan Student Government Association representative on the NYIT Academic Senate and participate as a voting member to represent the student body in its deliberations throughout his/her term.
  11. Meet at least once per week with the Director of Student Activities and Leadership Development or their designee and once per month with the Dean of Campus Life to voice student concerns and issues.
  12. Have the authority to call an open forum twice per semester to inform the students of current campus related issues and to receive student input and questions.
  13. Have the authority to request a report from any member of the SGA. The request must be made at least one (1) week in advance. The report is to be typed and signed.
  14. Present a State of the SGA once per semester.


Executive Vice-President of Judicial and Compliance Will:

  1. Perform the duties of and act as the President should such action becomes necessary to maintain the normal operations of the Student Government Association.
  2. Preside over the Senate to represent the Student Government Association with all recognized organizations, committees, constituents at weekly SGA meetings.
  3. Serve as an advocate for all student organizations with the Student Government Association and Senate and shall be responsible to communicate regularly with the leadership of all student organizations on matters related to SGA policies and procedures affecting recognition, operations and activities.
  4. Ensure that all student organization club recognition files are maintained including verification that all constitutions and club membership records are valid and those Student Government Association regulations for student organizations are adhered to and upheld.
  5. Coordinate at least one (1) major community service project per academic year with support of all clubs and organizations.
  6. Facilitate the annual Voter Registration Drive Campaign.
  7. Chair as a nonvoting member for Compliance and Expansion Board made up of 4 Senators or Junior Senators from the Senate.


Vice President of Finance Will:

  1. Be the financial officer of the Student Government Association.
  2. Be co-signature, with the Administration representative, on all Student Government Association checks.
  3. Maintain accurate record and maintaining internal controls for all financial transactions.
  4. Prepare and make available to the Senate, monthly financial reports.
  5. Assume responsibility for acting as liaison to represent the Student Government Association in all audits and provide copies of audit reports and reconciliations to the Senate and Administration.
  6. Have access to all financial records and inventory of recognized student organizations.
  7. Serve as chair of the Budget Committee without voting privileges.
  8. Supervise all audits and shall also take care to provide for the safe-keeping of all Student Government Association financial documents, articles, and records.
  9. Have the overall authority to enforce financial regulations of the Student Government Association with advice and consent of the Senate.
  10. Serve as a standing member of the Budget Committee without voting privileges. Initiate and oversee financial reconciliations and ensure that an audit of the treasury and all other Student Government Association books are completed prior to the term of office expiration date and that copies of such audit are presented to members of the Senate.


Chief of Staff Will:

  1. Be the officer charged with responsibility to maintain records and proceedings and be the chief correspondent for the Student Government Association
  2. Assume responsibility and initiate coordination, recording and distribution of official minutes of all Student Government Association Senate and Executive Board meetings.
  3. Act as the correspondence agent representing the Student Government Association with the media and student organizations.
  4. Serve as the correspondence liaison for the Student Government Association Executive Board with the student body and administration.
  5. Maintain accurate records of the Student Government Association, Senate, and Executive Board proceedings and initiate actions to manage and secure all correspondence files.
  6. Provide committee chairpersons of the Student Government Association a list of the members of each committee together will all documents and instructions related.
  7. Initiate and maintain accurate Student Government Association membership records including; Senate representative data, Senate meeting attendance and absences, voting records and voting eligibility of representatives.
  8. Create and provide for the presiding officer, at the beginning of each meeting, the orders of business and agenda for that day.
  9. Read all the petitions and correspondence that may be called for by the assembly at Senate meetings.
  10. Bring to each meeting a copy of the Student Government Association Bylaws, the Standing Rules of the organization, and a listing of the membership of the Senate, all Standing and special committees.
  11. Carry on all official correspondence for the Student Government Association.


The Vice-President of Programming Will:

  1. Manage the programs put forward by the clubs and organizations
  2. Develop assessment plan with Dean for Campus Life on the programming model that will be used in the division
  3. Create workshops for clubs and organizations on effective programming, marketing, leaderships and event planning each semester
  4. Chair the Student Programming Association made of members and a minimum of at least 1 Senator, 1 Junior Senator and 2 others.
  5. Manage Student Programming Association budget at 30% of total budget amount.
  6. Provide the Senate with weekly financial reports of the Student Programming Association
  7. Prepare and make available to the Senate, monthly financial reports on the Student Programming Association.
  8. Maintain proper and accurate files on all items of business conducted at Student Programming Association meetings.
  9. Coordinate at least one (1) major social project per academic year with support of all clubs and organizations.
  10. Create and manage programming calendar for all organization within the Student Government Association
  11. Develop benchmarks for clubs and organizations to meet in reference to the programming model.