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Oct 10 2014

TEDx Explores Harmonic Tectonics

Oct 03 2014

NYIT Students Surpass the $1 Million Mark in Combined Earnings from Internships

Sep 24 2014

TEDxNYIT: Creating Harmony in a World Experiencing Tectonic Shifts

Sep 19 2014

Dynamic, Radical Solutions Needed: 2014 Cybersecurity Conference Highlights

Sep 19 2014

NYIT Engineering Professor Wins NIH Grant for Robotics Research

Oct 20 2014

Advanced Database Searching

Oct 21 2014

Interdisciplinary Studies Career Panel

Oct 21 2014

Dig Lavender: Volleyball vs. Queens (N.Y.)

Oct 22 2014

“The Year of Turkey 2014” - The Heritage of Turkish Art: Opening Reception

Oct 23 2014

“The Year of Turkey 2014” - The Heritage of Turkish Art: Exhibition

World’s Fare Buffet






Prices are per person

  Taste of Tuscany (25-person minimum) $18.75
  Buffet includes the following:
Caesar salad with shaved parmesan and toasted croutons.
Insalata caprese salad made with vine-ripened tomatoes, basil, fresh mozzarella, cracked pepper, and virgin olive oil.
Chicken saltimbocca made with thinly-pounded chicken breast, prosciutto, and sage.
Meat or cheese lasagna.
Sautéed artichoke hearts with garlic, tomatoes, and onions.
Focaccia triangles with olive oil.
  Pacific Rim Buffet (25-person minimum) $18.75
  Buffet includes the following:
Vegetarian spring rolls with ginger dipping sauce.
Spicy marinated cucumber salad with sweet soy-chili vinaigrette.
Sesame-orange chicken.
Vegetarian stir fry.
Thai coconut rice.
Macaroons and fortune cookies.
  Taste of Bombay (25-person minimum) $19.75
  Buffet includes the following:
Naan bread.
Cucumber raita.
Vegetable couscous salad.
Chicken tikka masala.
Channa masala with chickpeas and potatoes.
Palak paneer with spinach and peas.
Basmati rice.
Rice pudding.
  Vegetarian Pasta Buffet $13.50
  Buffet includes the following:
Caesar salad.
Roasted seasonal vegetables.
Penne pasta sautéed with sundried tomatoes, spinach,
garlic, and extra virgin olive oil.
Cheese tortellini with marinara sauce.
Parmesan cheese.
Carrot cake.
  Southern Comfort Buffet $18.75
  Buffet includes the following:
Mini corn muffins or buttermilk biscuits with butter.
Mixed greens salad with croutons and ranch dressing.
Candied yams.
Collard greens.
Peach cobbler.

Select one from each of the following:
Barbecue marinated ribs or fried chicken or meatloaf.
Macaroni and cheese or mashed potatoes.
  Berlin Buffet $16.95
  Buffet includes the following:
Sliced rye bread with butter.
Cucumber and dill salad.
Braised cabbage.
Wiener schnitzel.
German chocolate cake.
  Sonoma Buffet $15.95
  Buffet includes the following:
Mixed garden greens with catalina salad dressing.
Roasted tomatillo salsa, guacamole, and corn chips.
Lemon-marinated grilled chicken breast with black bean and bell pepper corn salsa.
Warm green beans.
Potatoes tossed with garlic and fresh herbs.
Tropical fruit salad with citrus-mint maple dressing.
  Taste of Madrid $16.95
  Buffet includes the following:
Ensalada mixta with tuna, white asparagus, tomatoes, onions, and olives.
Broccoli with onions and olives.
Garbanzos with chorizo and peppers.
Chicken or seafood paella.
Churros with chocolate.
  Parisian Fare $18.95
  Buffet includes the following:
Sliced baguettes and creamy butter.
Nicoise salad.
Sautéed haricot vert beans.
Savoyard potato.

Select one entrée from the following options:
Duck a l'orange.
Steak au poivre.
Sole almondine.
  Apple Pie $18.95
  Buffet includes the following:
Fresh baked dinner rolls.
Chopped salad with strawberries and raspberry vinaigrette.
Roasted sweet corn salad.
Apple-glazed loin of pork or barbecue ribs.
Chicken pot pie.
Old Bay-crusted salmon or crab cakes.
Green bean casserole.
Yukon Gold mashed potatoes or potatoes au gratin.
Baked apple crisp.
  Dublin Down Buffet $17.95
  Buffet includes the following:
Farm cobb salad served with blue cheese dressing.
Sourdough bread and butter.
Fish and chips.
Corned beef and cabbage.
Shepherd's pie with horseradish mashed potato.
Bread pudding.
  Caribbean Breeze Buffet $15.95
  Buffet includes the following:
Mango-lime salad over mixed greens.
West Indian rice and beans.
Jerk chicken with fried platanos.
Roast pork loin with pineapple-mango chutney.
Apple-spiced layer cake.