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Student Recruitment Gets Social

December 13, 2016

It’s the middle of recruitment season for the fall 2017 semester. Families are visiting campus, applications are being reviewed, and admissions advisors are traveling around the world to recruit the next talented group of students who will attend NYIT.

There’s no doubt that today’s prospective students crave an authentic look into the culture of an institution, and social media offers them a portal into the inner-workings of universities that traditional glossy brochures and carefully crafted admissions messages do not.

NYIT is harnessing the advantages of an expansive social media presence. By embracing a range of digital channels, it is able to span its reach around the world and connect with students more frequently and in real time. So, in addition to nearly 600 in-person events, including college fairs, school visits, and on-site admission days, NYIT admissions advisors and student ambassadors are leveraging social media to attract and connect with prospective students.  

For example, to guide international students through the admissions process, NYIT hosted four Facebook Live events. The sessions focused on steps international students need to take before arriving at NYIT, including how to obtain an I-20 form, as well as the visa application process and what to expect once they arrive.

Ahead of Graduate Open House, NYIT connected with professionals looking for graduate study programs through LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook campaigns. The Undergraduate Open Houses in October were also promoted on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Facebook.

More recenlty, NYIT established real-time chatting with admissions advisors and student ambassadors to answer any questions students and their family members may have.

For students and families unable to visit NYIT’s campuses, Snapchat has helped bring the campus to them. The “My Story” feature enables NYIT to tell a longer—and often more playful--narrative by stringing together multiple snaps.

Social media account “takeovers” are another great strategy for showcasing NYIT’s culture. Recently, NYIT’s student ambassadors took over the university’s Snapchat account and hosted tours of NYIT’s Manhattan and Old Westbury campuses.

Visual tools like Snapchat, Instagram, and YouTube are a dream for creative college recruiters. NYIT has been able to showcase its truly unique and inspiring elements through short videos on photo and video sharing sites. Student stories have proven to be the most successful in demonstrating what it’s like to be an NYIT student. This allows prospective students to picture themselves in the classroom, the lab, or on the basketball court at NYIT.  

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