Jonathan Voris received his Ph.D. from the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Polytechnic Institute of NYU in Brooklyn, N.Y. in 2012. He has bachelor's and master’s degrees in computer science from Stevens Institute of Technology. Prior to joining the faculty of NYIT's Computer Science Department, Voris had appointments as an adjunct assistant professor in the Columbia University Computer Science Department and as a postdoctoral research scientist in Columbia's Intrusion Detection Systems Lab. Before his academic career, he worked as a software engineer and network manager for companies in the New York metropolitan area.

Voris conducts research in the security, privacy, and usability of systems, particularly emerging mobile and embedded platforms. His earliest academic work involved the development of protocols for reconciling policy conflicts in a privacy preserving fashion. He has identified serious vulnerabilities in embedded systems and designed appropriate responses, developed novel methods for establishing secure communication channels between mobile devices, and investigated how deception and entertainment can be applied to improve system security while maintaining a high level of usability. He has also created mechanisms for authenticating users via innovative biometric modalities.

Voris has developed novel techniques for addressing insider threats against both desktop and mobile platforms as part of the DARPA Active Authentication program. Most recently, he has received funding from the University Transportation Research Center (UTRC) to support his work investigating techniques for improving the security and privacy of vehicular networks, sensors, and associated devices.

Recent Projects/Research

  • Active Authentication: Search Behavior and Decoy Technology
  • Secure and Private Sensing for Driver Authentication and Transportation Safety
  • Usable Mobile Authentication via Gameplay Characteristics


Courses I Teach/Have Taught at NYIT

  • CSCI 620: Operating System Security
  • CSCI/EENG 641: Computer Architecture I
  • CSCI 651: Algorithm Concepts

Contact Info