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What is Part-Time TAP?

Part-time students at approved schools in New York State who were first-time, full-time freshmen in 2006-07, or thereafter, may be eligible for Part-Time TAP to help them pay for college beginning in 2007-08. Part-Time TAP is a grant and does not have to be paid back. Part-Time TAP is not the same as Aid for Part-Time Study. Below are the basic eligibility requirements.

Student Eligibility

  • Student must be a first-time freshman in the 2006-2007 academic year or thereafter
  • Student must have previously earned 12 credits in each of two consecutive semesters (student must have been full-time at some previous point)
  • Student must be an undergraduate taking a minimum of 6 credits, but less than 12 credits per semester for a minimum total of 24 credits earned.

Student must maintain a minimum of a “C” average

For additional eligibility requirements, go to Part-Time Tap Program.

Students’ TAP awards are prorated by the number of credits he or she taking. Students should apply for TAP in order to be considered for Part-Time TAP.

If a student is a part-time student from the beginning to the end of their higher education career, that student would not be eligible for Part-Time TAP. The student should instead apply for Aid for Part time Studies (APTS) from New York State through the NYIT Office of Financial Aid.  

If you have questions, please contact the Office of Financial Aid at:

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