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Letter to All NYIT Ellis College Students

Dear Ellis College of NYIT Student:

At long last the degree plans showing which courses you will need to take at Empire State College to complete the requirements of your NYIT degree are complete.

Below you’ll find the seven steps you’ll need to take to build your schedule, arrange for payment, and register for classes.

Step 1: Apply as a "non-degree" student at ESC

(Note: You will be earning an NYIT degree, not an Empire State College degree. Enrolling as a "non-degree" student at ESC does not change this.)

Go to http://suny-empire.esc.edu/degrees-programs/nondegree-study/ and click on the link for "Application for Non-degree Study."

To access the application, you must create an account. Click on "Create/Activate My Account" and fill in the required information about yourself.


Once you have an account you can complete the application by answering a series of questions. Under "Academic Information" (see screen shot below):

  • When you’re asked to "Select how you wish to study at Empire State College" you should choose "online."
  • In the section on "Goals," select "Other" and type in "NYIT-Ellis" in the free-form text box.
  • In the section that says, "If you are currently attending another college or university, please indicate it here" select "New York Institute of Technology-Old Westbury" from the drop-down menu

Ellis 2

Step 2: Speak to a Center for Distance Learning Pre-Enrollment Advisor

  • Call 800.847.3000, ext. 2385, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m. or
  • Email CDLADVISOR@esc.edu to make an appointment

The advisor will have access to a copy of your NYIT-Ellis College degree plan showing which Empire State Courses you will need to take to satisfy NYIT graduation requirements. You should have your own copy of your plan with you when you speak to the advisor.

(For other assistance call 800.847.3000, ext. 2300 Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.)

Step 3: Register Online

After you’ve worked out a plan with your advisor, you are set to register for Empire State College courses. Go to MyESC (www.esc.edu/myesc) and

  • Click on the Registration tab
  • Only register for courses approved for your degree plan

Step 4: Arrange for Financial Aid

If you complete your NYIT degree through Empire State College you will once again be eligible for federal financial aid. If you are planning to use financial aid through NYIT to pay for your Empire State College courses:

1. Complete two forms:

2. Contact NYIT Financial Aid to discuss your situation.

  • Hussain Ahmad, Director of Financial Aid at 516.686.7966;
    Tricia Bowman, Associate Director of Financial Aid at 516.686.7959;
    Office Tel: 516.686.7680, 1.888.847.1220; Fax: 516.686.7997
    Email: ellisfinaid@nyit.edu

Step 5: Payment

Empire State College will be issuing invoices:

  • Directly to students who will not be using financial aid, or owe a balance beyond their financial aid award
  • To NYIT if the student’s financial aid award will cover the amount due to ESC. (If the financial aid award is greater than the Empire State invoice, the difference will be refunded to the student by NYIT.)

After you’ve registered and taken care of financial aid…

Step 6: Complete the online orientation, including the technology orientation. (Instructions will be emailed to you after you complete the online application).

Step 7: Purchase your books and materials

You can access Empire State College’s online bookstore at www.esc.edu/bookstore

Need Help? Empire State College’s Call Center and Pre-Enrollment Advisors (800.847.3000, ext. 2300 Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.) are ready for questions at any step of the account creation / registration / orientation process.