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How do I add funds to my Student ID card for on-campus purchases?

Students, as well as Friends and family of NYIT students, may now deposit funds directly to cardholder accounts by logging in OneCard.

Students may also deposit funds to one of our multiple, on-campus deposit machines. Machines are located on the Old Westbury campus in the Riland Building on the second floor, in the Wisser Library on the first floor, and in the Student Activities Center outside the Cafe. The Manhattan campus machine is located in the Library, and the Central Islip machine is located in the cafe in Building 69.

For additional information, please contact the Bursar's Office at:

Old Westbury

Phone: 516.686.7510
Fax: 516.686.7833

Phone: 212.261.1620
Fax: 212.261.1646