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I have what I think is a fraudulent check bearing NYIT's name. What should I do?

The check you received is most likely a fraud and was not issued by NYIT. Please call 516.686.4033 as soon as possible and follow the instructions on this hotline s message (be prepared to leave your contact information, and the amount and date of the check). NYIT will respond to all inquiries as soon as possible

Please note that over the past several months, we have been made aware of many checks like this (often initiated as a result of various e-commerce transactions) and they are ALL fraudulent. They were not issued by NYIT nor will they be cashed by our bank, which maintains strict internal controls on all NYIT accounts. NYIT has responded to numerous inquiries about these fraudulent and/or forged checks, and is working with the appropriate law enforcement authorities to stop the fraudulent activity.