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What is an interdisciplinary studies degree?

Interdisciplinary Studies offer students the opportunity to put together their own degree program. Based on their interests, they can choose three concentrations in different professional and/or liberal arts areas of study, and sample a number of academic and professional disciplines. This multifaceted approach, which encourages a broad-based education built on a progressive core curriculum, offers the opportunity to tailor a student’s degree toward one or several career fields.

The program in interdisciplinary studies offers three degrees: bachelor of arts, bachelor of science, and bachelor of professional studies. Although all students complete the same core courses, individual degree plans differ significantly. Students who complete at least 75 percent (90 credits or more) of liberal arts courses will be granted a B.A. Those who complete at least 50 percent (60-80 credits) of liberal arts courses are awarded a B.S. The B.P.S. degree is granted to those students with fewer than 60 credits of liberal arts courses.

For a listing of Curriculum requirements for Interdisciplinary Studies, and Course Descriptions or to learn more about the program go to the Interdisciplinary Studies page on our website.