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Do you offer a pre-med program or pre-medical studies?

NYIT offers two programs to students who wish to attend medical or other professional schools: a premedical program (B.S. degree) or the Combined B.S./D.O. program.

All students accepted into a premedical program will receive ongoing assistance, advice and consultation by NYIT’s School of Health Professions and College of Osteopathic Medicine faculty. In some cases, students will take medical courses with College of Osteopathic Medicine medical students and participate in interdisciplinary training programs.

The pre-medical program is a four-year program designed for talented and motivated students. It requires applicants to submit SAT or ACT results and their high school transcripts. After this, students may receive preferential admission to the College of Osteopathic Medicine if they meet all the following requirements:

  1. have a 3.3 overall cumulative average and a 3.0 in the sciences
  2. have a combined MCAT score of 24 and at least an N on the writing sample
  3. obtain favorable letters of recommendation from the departmental pre-professional committee

The B.S./D.O. is an accredited program for talented, highly motivated students. Students in this program complete their baccalaureate preparation in three years and may then be admitted directly into the College of Osteopathic Medicine four-year D.O. program. 

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For more information about the programs and admissions requirements, please contact the Office of Admissions at 800.345.NYIT(6948) or 516.686.2870 or