Master of Science in Architecture, Urban, and Regional Design
Jeffrey Raven

Jeffrey Raven, Director

NYIT's graduate program in urban and regional design is a three-semester (1.5 year), 36-credit, post-professional Master Degree for those holding a first professional degree in architecture, landscape architecture, or planning, with an emphasis on physical design of the built environment. The contemporary field of urban design is fluid, fast-moving, and global.  Our graduate program confronts the challenges of urban design in the context of 21st century cities and regions.

The graduate program is located in the heart of midtown Manhattan, a world capital, drawing from world-class faculty, public-private organizations, and active professionals leading global practices based in the New York City metropolitan area. NYIT's strategic campus setting encourages students to combine theory with experience by living and working in a variety of areas and conducting field study in and around New York City. A study abroad program investigates existing canonical urban design and has been integrated into the design studio sequence.

The program works to prepare graduates to succeed in this interdisciplinary field by providing opportunities for case studies to test and apply new insights, theory, and designs to contemporary and future challenges. The program provides a theoretical and historical understanding of the origin and the socio-political function of cities. Students learn to apply a range of design tools, including digital modeling for urban design, demographics, land-use, transportation, and ecological performance indicators. There is an emphasis on the consideration and critique of the historical, physical, social, political, and philosophical context shaping settlements and regions.  

The intersection of urban form, sustainability and climate is at the forefront of urban design research, and this is the focus of the three advanced urban design studios.  The three design studios (Fall, Spring, Fall) are organized by themes.  New York City: The contemporary metropolis after relentless urbanization. Leveraging New York City as a research platform in design studio, graduate students explore formal urban design precedents while engaging with leading NYC and global stakeholders.  Urban Climate Lab:  Students research the intersection of urban form, low-carbon cities, and climate to prepare future practitioners confronting a rapidly urbanizing world threatened by climate change.  Global Megacities: Students integrate urban and regional design applied to the New York metropolitan region and world cities.

The full-time program requires 10-13 credits enrollment per semester, with limited exceptions on a case-by-case basis. Courses may be taught in a team format, depending on project type, intended product, and the relationship established with public agencies, civic organizations, and research funding. Some courses are organized as colloquia with noted experts providing a series of lectures with a course coordinator.


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