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Jan 06 2009
DiMaio invited to be first Colin Rowe resident

Judith DiMaio, registered architect and Dean of the School of Architecture & Design at New York Institute of Technology has been honored by the prestigious American Academy in Rome. She has been invited by the Director to be the first Colin Rowe Resident.

Distinguished scholars, artists, composers and architects are invited to come to Rome as Residents to share their professional work and knowledge in a formal way with the larger AAR community. Informal interchanges with the Academy Fellows and the community at all Academy events is encouraged. These informal and formal activities are extremely beneficial to the Academy Fellows.

Ms. DiMaio, herself, was a Fellow at the American Academy and was awarded the Rome prize in Architecture. Dean DiMaio has taught widely in the field of architecture and was on the graduate faculty at Yale’s School of Architecture for eleven years. She also served as the Director for the undergraduate major in Architecture in Yale College, before joining NYIT as Dean of Architecture and Design. She has taught for the University of Notre Dame’s Rome program and was the program’s academic director.

Ms. DiMaio is extremely well known for her in-depth knowledge of things Italian, and has lectured in the US, England, Europe and the Middle East on the subject of Italian art and architecture with her emphasis on 16th Century Italian gardens, architecture and painting. She is also impassioned by the art and architecture of Ancient Rome and the Roman Empire. Ms. DiMaio intends to give a public lecture and will offer sets of walks in Rome. The first set will be entitled “In the Footsteps of Colin Rowe” in memory of the world renowned educator, author and legendary critic of architecture and architectural thought. These walks will recall Colin’s remarkable perception (insight) about Rome artistically, architecturally and urbanistically.

A second set of walks will focus on her particular area of interest which is the overlap between 16th century Italian architecture and Mannerist painting, and the realm in which they intersect. Her most recent lecture on the subject was at the Italian Society of Magdelen College, Oxford University.

Colin Rowe, was a graduate of Liverpool’s School of Architecture and the Courtauld Institute in London. He taught at the University of Cambridge, UT, Austin and was a Professor Emeritus of Cornell’s College of Architecture, Art and Planning. Professor Rowe was the recipient of the Topaz Medallion in architecture and was honored by the Royal Institute of British Architects with the Gold Medal in Architecture.

Ms. DiMaio is a graduate of Bennington College (BA majoring in Art), Cornell University (B Arch) and Harvard University Graduate School of Design (March). She is a member of both the Century Association and Harvard Club of New York. She is a Trustee for the organization, Restoring Ancient Stabiae, USA (RAS), a town buried by the 79AD eruption of Vesuvius.

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