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Creative Tech Week: May 2-6 at the Auditorium on Broadway

Monday, May. 02, 2016 |

Creative Tech Week: May 2-6 at the Auditorium on Broadway

Creative Tech Week's B2B panels and presentations will be held Monday through Friday, May 2-­‐6, in the NYIT Auditorium on Broadway in Columbus Circle, Manhattan. Limited seats available for each day. To RSVP, please email aob@nyit.edu. More scheduling on each day, click here!

Industry innovators and influencers will take the stage to share their experiences, successes and challenges working in commercial Creative Technology. Programming topics include real world applications of Creative Tech, advertising & media, storytelling, content development, experience design and immersive installations, entertainment & gaming, data visuals, AI & more. The Industry Hub, presented by Future Colossal, is a forum for networking and sharing business achievements and new creative content. The presentations and cross-­‐pollination among professionals aims to fuel new ideas to push the industry forward.

AOB Private Event.

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