Save our Students (SOS) Initiative

The Save our Students (SOS) form lets faculty and staff provide feedback identifying undergraduate students at risk for attrition. Your concerned, proactive feedback allows the Advising and Enrichment Center staff to take action in helping students address concerning behavior and, hopefully, succeed in the current semester.

Faculty members are encouraged to submit an SOS as soon as they identify an undergraduate student who would benefit from additional outreach. In an effort to help AEC cater to your concerns and your student's needs, please note the following suggestions before submitting an SOS:

  • Before submitting an SOS, please make at least one attempt at expressing your concerns directly with the student. This will avoid our outreach coming across as a surprise.

  • An SOS can be submitted any time during the fall or spring semesters. However it is most effective when submitted with sufficient time to address and resolve the identified concerns.

  • If there is no chance for the student to salvage his/her grade in your course, please do not submit an SOS. Rather, speak to the student directly, recommend a withdrawal, and refer him/her to the Financial Aid Office as well as their academic advisor. See withdrawal instructions.

  • When in doubt, provide any and all information that you think will be helpful for us to know. The more information you provide, the further our assistance can go.


Please indicate your concerns
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Is this student failing at this time?

Do you recommend the student withdraw from the course?*

If you are recommending the student withdraw from the course, please have the conversation with him/her directly in order to follow NYIT's official withdrawal procedures. See withdrawal instructions.

By submitting an SOS, you are allowing AEC to disclose the information you provided with the student for the purpose of early intervention.