Majors & Careers

Majors and Careers

Transferring to NYIT means opening up a host of opportunities. With over 50 majors, five worldwide campuses, and more than a dozen global programs, you’ll be able to gain an international perspective along with hands-on experience in your field.

Research and study under leaders in their fields will give you the advantage you need to get ahead in the career you want. Outcomes-oriented academics will prepare you to enter your industry with experience, technical knowledge, and a clear idea of what your capabilities.

Additionally, our career planning services will help you make your first job your dream job. In fact, nine out of 10 NYIT students find work in their fields by graduation, and NYIT is ranked in the top 100 highest paid graduates from private schools in the country by

Meet Our Students
Anderson Miller Anderson Miller
Campus: Manhattan
Major: Telecommunications Management
Class Of: 2014
Nicole Soman Nicole Soman
Campus: Old Westbury
Major: Engineering Management, B.S.
Class Of: 2016
Kelsey Martino Kelsey Martino
Campus: Manhattan
Major: Communication Arts
Class Of: 2014
Ashna Mehra Ashna Mehra
Campus: Old Westbury
Major: B.S./D.O.
Class Of: 2017