Nomination: Engaged Teaching and Learning

These awards are intended to recognize faculty members whose instructional strategies and activities encourage a high level of engagement by students. Evidence may apply to face-to-face classes, studios, laboratories, 100% online courses, blended courses, and perhaps even outside-of-traditional-context educational environments and experiences.

The narrative should include:

  • A description of the course/program context within your school/college
  • Your specific engagement strategies and how they have added value to the course/program
  • How the engagement strategies helped students better achieve the learning outcomes of the course/program
  • Evidence of the impact of the engagement strategies on improved learning

Judging Criteria
Entries will be judged according to:

  • The innovations in teaching to enhance engagement of students in learning
  • The documentation of enhanced learning by the students

Engaged Teaching and Learning by Full-Time Faculty

Engaged Teaching and Learning by Part-Time Faculty